Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Normally I don't give a fuck about match times. But tonight was fucking horrendous.

You know what, it's not even about match times. If a match goes a few minutes but can still tell some kind of story, or entertain me with some cool spots, then awesome. In fact, this just happened a few weeks ago when Evan Bourne and The Miz wrestled (TH of The Wrestling Blog had a pretty passionate post about this very match and topic). It's about entertaining me and making me want to buy your stupid pay-per-view. Nothing happened on RAW tonight that did either of those two things. Actually, the two good things about RAW tonight were both from Smackdown.

But why bother making a big deal about a 900th/whatever hundreth episode when it's so easy to see through all of the hyperbole Michael Cole is spouting (and sometimes not - I'm pretty sure he admitted how bad the show was at one point) because of how shitty the show is.

Well, I guess that's the whole point. Market the show as a big milestone and a must-see show, even though they don't really have anything of worth planned. I don't know how many times people will keep tuning in and buying the bullshit when the WWE continuously don't deliver on promises of a good show, unless if the power of Thursday Raw Thursday is still potent after 500 episodes or whatever.

I hate shitting on the things I love (as I mention time and time again) but when I go to hug the thing I love, and the thing I love lets out a big rotten fart, this is how I react.

On with the depressing review.

Photo - WWE.com

- The teaming of ROH Alums Bryan Danielson and Low Ki. Upon seeing Daniel Bryan and Kaval teaming together, I sent a text to Steve (Burning Spirit) that only said "HOLY ERIC." I meant EPIC, but in my flustered state my T9 betrayed me.

- The potential swerve of Chris Jericho leaving the WWE for good. His contract status is still up in the air and I think a lot of people will be quick to assume this means that Jericho didn't sign his contract and will be leaving after he loses. But I wouldn't put it past the WWE to use this whole contract situation to score a few more PPV buys, if people think it could legitimately be Jericho's last match, when he's really staying with the company and just working the internet. Or I could be completely wrong (usually the case).

- I like Night of Champions because the build for it is all about the belts. Essentially, EVERY PPV SHOULD BE NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS. FUCK.

- LOFL at the guy in the crowd unable to handle how hot Cody Rhodes is.

- R-Truth's jumping splits taunt looked like he broke his penis.

- Evan Bourne's hilarious jog down the ramp.

- Alberto del Rio. He. Is. THE SHIT. When he came out, I seriously had the thought that Evan Bourne would get a good rub from him, AND HE JUST DEBUTED. That makes no sense. But illustrates how well he's been built up and how he's bursting at the seams with charisma. While I'm at it: Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne. The finish was perfect and looked totally sick. Shame it wasn't given more time/a full screen, but I guess that's the point of the segment - transferring the heat to Del Rio. At this point of the show, this was the best segment of the night for me. Close second to Kaval and Daniel Bryan waving. It also says a lot about the show when the best match takes place on split screen.

Actually, I take that back. '97 Raw has a TON of split screen stuff and that shit is awesome. It feels like you're getting the most bang for your buck when Stone Cold Steve Austin is trashing shit backstage and swearing at people while Hawk is no-selling piledrivers left right and center.

- CM Punk's deadly promo that was completely ruined by Big Show. All of it was great. From him pretending that he never threw Chavo Guerrero into the Gulf of Mexico, to his Stone Cold Steve Austin psyche-out, to his emasculation of the Big Show ("you're not funny and nobody likes you"), he knocked it out of the park tonight. And I am not, nor is anyone else, surprised by this. He's been the most consistent guy on either brand for quite a while now, whether he's killing it in top tier feuds with Jeff Hardy or Rey Mysterio, or he's doing awesome things with shitty feuds (Big Show, Undertaker, R-Truth), he is the one guy you can always count on.

- Wade Barrett going clean over Randy Orton. They are not fucking around with him.

- I hate Melina. I have nothing else to say. Okay I do. She is so fucking annoying. I feel like I say this every week, but she drives me up the wall. And she didn't even really do anything. It's just her stupid face and she always cries and she just smacks of self-entitlement. KJDKHFELKC.

- I really don't understand the bipolar tendencies of Michael Cole. I got the whole hate for Danielson and Low Ki, but the hate for What's Up came out of nowhere. I'm sure there had to have been one week where he was like, "AND THAT'S WHAT'S UP!" and now he can't stand it. WHY. TELL ME WHY.

- I am pretty sick of these bullshit DQs. The referees are literally disqualifying wrestlers for wrestling now. Like is that the only way they could come up with a way to have a double DQ? Have them wrestle for a bit and the ref just give up? I get what they're doing. Clearly they're trying to parade everybody that they can on this "historic" 900th episode, but what they're actually doing is presenting a show where fucking nothing happens.

- Is "The Jersey Shore" like "The Brian Kendrick?"


- How immediate will Kane's interference be? Like as the bell rings? During Undertaker's hood removing ceremony thing? Before Michael Cole can mention Gunsmoke again?!

- And the winner is somewhere in between Undertaker's hood removal ceremony and the bell ringing.

- What a retarded feud. I think the one guy's pathetic "un-durr-take-urr" chant attempt after that Kane bullshit says it all.

- These over-thought, over-orchestrated segments are really busting my balls. So Wade Barrett comes out to stop the match that everyone knew was never going to happen. But he comes out by himself, like he NEVER does, and tries to attack two guys, even though Nexus is all about strength in numbers. Then the lights shut off and Kane uses Undertaker's bodyswapping powers to bodyswap with Bret Hart. They fight, Undertakers gets the advantages, and Kane vanishes via voodoo powers again. Then Nexus comes down. Then Kane transfers his bodyswapping light-killing voodoo powers to Nexus and they beat up Undertaker. If I did that with my action figures when I was a kid, even I would be like "this is bullshit, me." I think we need a Marvel trading card power rating thing for Kane and Undertaker so we know what they can and can't do.

Jerry Lawler summed it up pretty good when he said "It's like Kane's got Undertaker powerz."


- There is nothing more disappointing than expecting Stone Cold and getting Big Show. WOW. As I typed this, CM Punk said the same fucking thing essentially. Jesus lord. Seriously though, once that crowd finally put together that they weren't getting Austin but instead they were just getting Big Show, they were deflated. Sure, they got a "lol wtf" out of Big Show's Hogan impression (which was random and, as Punk pointed out, completely not funny), but man... for a show all about nostalgia and celebrating past RAWs... not being able to have ONE guy come back and be like "hey great job cya bye" is pretty sad. I am babbling now.

- "Mind-boggling episode of Monday Night RAW." - Michael Cole. I fucking SWEAR he knows it sucks and has just admitted it.

- When I realized that the main event was an elimination match and there was only like five minutes left, I was puzzled. Then I realized it was just yet another match that was advertised but doesn't really happen.

- David Otunga wrestles like a guest host.

- What a shitty episode.

Wow. A night of clips (mostly ones that JUST HAPPENED), two second matches, half-screen matches, and teasing people being there who actually won't be there and teasing matches that won't actually happen. Seriously. We had one match with a decisive finish, one with a double DQ, one that ended in the first ten seconds, and one that didn't even start. At least we had a few clips from the good old days when wrestling was fun, to remind us how shitty this fucking show was.

Here's to 900 more!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Every two years or so we get a new milestone in Monday Night RAW history. Tonight, it's episode number 900 (hey that's a lot of episodes! I wonder who's the longest running weekly episodic television show in blailahcjkdhddddvfjhkgfe!"??!).

Here's what I want to see.

Photo - WWE.com

- 900 Michael Cole fake laughs.
- 900 "YOU'RE! GOING! DOWN!" chants when Ahmed Johnson finally makes his long awaited return and eliminates himself from a battle royale to chase Faarooq.
- 900 e-mail alerts, until John Cena finally snaps and breaks the internet.
- 900 consecutive Daniel Bryan matches.
- A compilation of Road Warrior Hawk piledriving every past guest host 900 times.
- 900 minutes of overrun.
- 900 lbs. of fake boobies (during a nostalgic look at past RAW divas).
- 900 Spanish announce table spots.
- Vince McMahon fire 900 employees, mostly fans and public figures in a spell of senility.
- 900 unseen Beaver Cleavage vignettes.
- At least 900 of the 1,004 holds that Chris Jericho knows.
- 900 of those Lucha matches that 1997 Raw would always have where guys landed on their heads and no-sold it out of pure shame.
- 900 different classes of vehicles driven by Stone Cold Steve Austin.
- 900 consecutive inappropriate gay jokes as delivered by Triple H.
- Edge and Christian reunite for a 900-second pose for those with the benefit of flash photography.
- 900 home invasions.
- 900 appearances of past Superstars via satellite (I'm crossing my fingers for Mini Vader).
- To win any match tonight you must incapacitate your opponent until he can't answer a count of 900.
- The GM changes the Night of Champions WWE Title match to a 900-Pack-Challenge match.
- Okay that's about enough.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Well there's uh, one thing about me is I can't do anything halfway and I, and I come here and I hear the people and they chant uh, TH's name or they chant Steve's name or they chant a lot of people's names, and one thing's for sure, you're going to have all of that in the future, um, and that's what I want for PIZZABODYSLAM fans. In spite of, uh, what people may think about me, what I've always wanted for all these people is, is for them to have a good time reading my blog and to enjoy themselves. I've always tried to be the one to provide it whether it was on the funny side or the smarky side. But what was always important to me was the writing, was the writing so that these people, each time they reached into their bookmarks, they clicked on my name, they didn't regret it because they knew that if they saw my name in the URL they could laugh, they could sit and agree or disagree and they could do whatever they wanted as long as they had a good time.

I know we're in the middle of a time where opinionated writing is real big here in the IWC, and unfortunately all I've got right now for you is a lot of sorrow, a lot of tears, and a lot of emotion. I don't have any opinionated writing for anybody, so I guess, here you go, here's your blog (hands blog over to Vince).

And I have you to thank, and I have everybody here to thanks, and it means a lot to me and, uh, I'm gonna go to my cottage now. Okay? (hugs Vince and Gorilla Monsoon).


Guys, never fear. I'll find my smile. In like a week. Just going to a cottage, as you may have guessed from my Shawn Michaels' speech. Funnily enough, I got the idea to write this absurd smile-losing speech about going away for a week and thought it'd be funny if I used the exact wording that Shawn did, but I was too lazy to transcribe it myself and surely no one has actually already done that, right? WRONG - you can count on the internet for ANYTHING! Thanks to Forever Shawn for already transcribing this speech for some unknown reason.

I'll be gone until the 29th, but, in my place, as you may have noticed me mention on Twitter, I'll be scheduling tweets ahead of time. So I will be still active, but it'll be like a ghost or time travel or some crazy shit.

I love pre-scheduling tweets (thank you HootSuite!). It's ridiculously fun and I don't even know why. So I'll be tweeting old blogs and new thoughts and all kinds of stuff while I'm takin' 'er easy at the old cottage. It's good to know that I can still talk about wrestling on the internet while I'm half in the bag in a canoe somewhere. Science knows no bounds!

So no new content on the blog for about a week, but plenty of tweets and reblogs and fake reactions to what's going on on RAW or whatever show, all from my Twitter feed.

Vince McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen... SHAWN MICHAELS PIZZABODYSLAM!!

JR: Well I'll tell ya folks, 25 years I've been doing this and I... I've never, I have never had the pain in my gut that I have right now. Good luck to you. Good luck to you.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


The latest edition of Colt Cabana's podcast (which I link in the sidebar - and right here in these very parenthesis) features the best pro wrestling/Sugarhill Gang mash-up I've ever heard! I was cracking up at this, and thought it'd be a good thing to share. It also opened up a whole new world of wrestling mash-ups that I didn't know existed. Including this Hulk Hogan/Headbangers/Apple Pie mash-up that defies description.

But first, here's Woopache:

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Every week I, along with several other wrestling blogs (including my blogging Broseph Mercury, TH of The Wrestling Blog), will be sending in my top ten wrestlers to WrestleSpective. My votes are compiled with those of the other bloggers and that gives us the Power Poll. Here's this week's rankings (go to WrestleSpective to view the full write-up, and check out all of the other awesome wrestling content there - you'll find it especially awesome if you're a stat-geek (or any other specific-type-of-wrestling geek) like me):

Photo - WWE.com


1. John Cena (2)
2. Kane (6)
3. Randy Orton (5)
4. The Miz (1)
5. Daniel Bryan (NR)
6. Sheamus (4)
7. Alex Shelley (NR)
8. Chris Sabin (NR)
9. Wade Barrett (NR)
10. Rob Van Dam (3)

1. Daniel Bryan
- IN KAYFABE: Returned at SummerSlam as the 7th member of Team WWE; eliminated Darren Young and Heath Slater via TAPOUT; was eliminated second to last, thanks to the Miz; lost to the guy with Big Show's KO gimmick despite never having knocked anyone out, Michael Tarver (also thanks to the Miz).
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Got the world's biggest rub by being the surprise member of Team WWE, fighting alongside John Cena and leading the team to victory; put me in cardiac arrest when he showed up at SummerSlam; was in the segment of the night on RAW when he had his head bounced off of Miz's MITB briefcase, denting the GD thing.

2. The Miz
- IN KAYFABE: Was replaced by Daniel Bryan in the SummerSlam main event; cost Daniel Bryan a victory on RAW, and had a hand in eliminating him from Team WWE.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Cut an untouchable promo at Summerslam; made me legitimately hate him for costing Daniel Bryan a win over Michael Tarver; and once again had the promo of the night on RAW (is he ever NOT the promo of the night?) when he and Alex Riley dealt some real talk on Daniel Bryan; looked truly betrayed and upset at both SummerSlam and RAW, which is hard to pull off; phew!

3. John Cena
- IN KAYFABE: Lead Team WWE to victory at SummerSlam; eliminated both Justin Gabriel and Nexus leader Wade Barrett when down two men to one; def. Darren Young on RAW to effectively exile him from Nexus; never gives up.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: He's purple now. ... I guess that's still in kayfabe too.

4. Randy Orton
- IN KAYFABE: Lost to Sheamus at SummerSlam via DQ, despite having the victory in reach; lost to Justin Gabriel on RAW via countout, thanks to Sheamus; still had the last laugh on both nights with his brutal attacks on Sheamus.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Looked fucking INSANE in his murderous beatdown of the Celtic Warrior; has the crowd in the palm of his hand night in, night out; terrified Michael Cole, he probably peed a little.

5. Dolph Ziggler
6. Kofi Kingston
- IN KAYFABE: (Grouping these two together) Both had good showings on Smackdown in losing efforts to both members of the World Heavyweight Title match at SummerSlam; had a great opening bout at SS until being thwarted by the seven dudes who always stand in a line making them look like a human slot machine.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: In retrospect, I wish I voted for the Motor City Machine Guns. I totally forgot I watched the Whole F'N Show this week, and their match against Beer Money pulled out every stop in the book without one misstep. While Dolph and Kofi have been putting on some great matches, they really cant touch the Guns. DAMNIT. (Although, me instantly forgetting that I watched TNA should be some kind of detriment to the show, I guess?)

7. Wade Barrett
- IN KAYFABE: Lasted the longest of anybody in the Nexus until being tapped by Legendary's John Cena; def. Chris Jericho in fine form on RAW; beat Darren Young into obliteratitry (rejoice!).
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Beating Jericho clean was exactly what he needed to continue to be believed as a strong heel; he also beat up Darren Young (rejoice!) which earns bonus points with me every day of the week.

8. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes
- IN KAYFABE: Continued his winning streak on Smackdown with a clean win over Christian.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Displayed the best facial expressions in pro wrestling, which I talk about here. (And I talk about how awesome he was on NXT this week, but that's for the next edition of the Power Poll).

9. Matt Hardy
- IN KAYFABE: Lost to Drew McIntyre. Again.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: HE HAD A BLOODY SOCK. Seriously, that was my favourite spot of the night. And he's saying some cryptic shit to Hurricane Helms on Twitter right now.

10. Kane
- IN KAYFABE: Def. Kofi Kingston on Smackdown; def. Rey Mysterio to retain his World Heavyweight Title at SummerSlam; def. Undertaker in a choking contest.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Continued touching caskets and speaking out loud to nobody.

You can watch the non-dubbed version of the Lex Luger Superboy video here. I just found the dubbed version hilarious.

WrestleSpective - The Blog
WrestleSpective Radio - The Podcast (now on iTunes!)
WrestleSpective Power Poll Voters - The Twitter Feeds


Excuse me... "Dashing" Cody Rhodes.

Now if you're in Canada (like me) and don't want NXT, which airs on Thursday, to be spoiled for you (unlike me), then don't read past this picture of Cody Rhodes:


After Husky Harris was eliminated (along with Percy Watson earlier in the night), Cody Rhodes went absolutely postal on the mic. This entire segment has a sense of "I don't know if they know what's going on" and I like it. Cody is proving over and over why he's the breakout star of NXT Legacy, and that he totally deserves his big push on Smackdown (squeaky clean victories over Christian and Matt Hardy in consecutive weeks).

His facial expressions in the ring are so good. Last week on SD! when Cody was avoiding shots to the face all match from Christian, until he was finally stung with a slap - he looked like he wretched into his own mouth. But then when he won, it was a look of relief and conceit and pride all wrapped up into one dashing smile. Take a look for yourself (and watch all the way to the pinfall).

And, as for the video from NXT, you can check it out here at CodyRhodes.net.

Before I go, I want to mention how much I think this class of rookies is better than the first NXT group. Wade Barrett and Bryan Danielson were truly the only standouts on that show. But I see more in Alex Riley, Kaval (no duh), Michael McGuillicutty (ugh, that name), Husky Harris and even Percy Watson than I do in Otunga, Tarver, Young, Slater, Sheffield and Gabriel.

Eli Cottonwood, however, makes me wretch into my own mouth.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Last night's episode of RAW was the most watched sporting event in the history of The Score (the network that airs all WWE programming in Canada). Apparently, about 1 in every 60 Canadians watched RAW last night. That. Is. Crazy.

Is this thanks to Daniel Bryan's triumphant return on Sunday? Or maybe it's because of Undertaker returning at SummerSlam and looking like he'd lived about a thousand lifetimes in his body? Or maybe it's because the Nexus. IS. HISTORRRRAAAAAYYYYY thanks to John Cena? Or maybe it's because the Bachelor Pad featured several girls throwing up after a pie eating contest and that's just not 1 in every 60 Canadian's particular fetish?

I don't know. I'm not a ratings doctor.

RAW - 08/16/10
Photo - WWE.com

- There were really only two things that stood out to me about this show. One was, which should come as no surprise to you if you frequent this pro-Dragon blog: Daniel Bryan. Even though he had to withstand Michael Tarver's flurry of Shane McMahon's daughter's punches, he still stole the entire show.

The attack on Danielson was awesome. I have HUGE heat with Miz and Riley thanks in part to Michael Cole's ENRAGING COMMENTS. He boils my blood with every word he speaks. I can't control it. I know it's a show and I know it's fake and I know he's told to say these things but I INSTANTLY get my back up about it. I love Bryan Danielson like a brother son (my mom called during the replay of the Miz/Bryan segment and I had to hurry her off the phone), and I'll be DAMNED if I let a truly fucking pudgy dweeb in Michael Cole say ill about him!

- The Miz and Alex Riley together form some kind of self-important megazord of douchery. It's amazing to watch, because it truly gets under your skin. These two guys deliver their promos with such real contempt towards their opponents that it actually with resonates you - also because they say valid shit (like Riley's "this is what a real star looks like!" which is true), unlike when Sheamus just calls Triple H a loser.

- Quote of the night is a toss up: The Miz: "HOW. DARE. EVERYONE." or very serious man in crowd: "I HATE YOU HEATH SLATER. I HATE YOU."

- Remember how I said there were really only two things about RAW that stood out to me, named one, then went on an incoherent endless rant? Well, that second thing was Randy Orton's blackout rampage on Sheamus. So many smarks get up in arms when they see Orton yell and freak out in the ring and go "he's maaad!" thinking someone fucked up. He truly is just that awesome. He beat Sheamus like he was silencing a rat in a mobster movie. Like he was tenderizing the whitest, human-sized steak in the world. Like he was-- YOU GET IT. HE WENT CRAAAYZAY. Michael Cole said it was terrifying and I don't think he was fed that line.

No one gets fired up like Orton. Any of these shitty rookies (Michael Tarver) when they scream or beat their chests (or scream at the referee for no reason and run into a big boot like Michael Tarver does every match) have nothing on the Viper. Not that they should. But they still don't.

- Justin Long, Jason Sudekis & Charlie Day. These men are all hilarious. And the Khali segment made me LOL for real you guys for real!

- Chris Jericho putting Wade Barrett over clean. It was the only way to keep Barrett strong as the leader of Nexus. Very impressive.

- Jon Lovitz drunkenly shouting into the camera. Can we do this every week?

- John Cena vs. Darren Young was like when there were two Doinks in the ring at the same time. I was hoping for an invisible mirror spot :(

- I think I might be in the minorty when I say I like the new WWE Tag Team Titles. Cool shape, they look classic. And kind of like big pennies. Which I wish I never realized because it definitely makes me like them less.

- I hate Michael Tarver with a Clay Guida-like ferocity. Tarver coming over after Danielson's big dive onto Miz and Riley just to fumble around, clearly not knowing what he was doing, was embarrassing. Can someone give this guy some tips or something? He's so bogus in the ring that it's not even fun making jokes about him anymore.

- I bet Michael Cole doesn't get this many emails in real life. And his outbursts are so random sometimes. He just got sick of What's Up? with no explanation. I like him (read: hate him) when he's cutting down Daniel Bryan or figuratively deep throating the Miz, but when his heel traits pop up for no reason? I get confused.

- John Cena's Nexus burying promo. It had ups and downs. I laughed at his "lol we beat u" pose when he walked out. I frowned at his Justin Gabriel gay joke. I liked when he put Daniel Bryan over. I disliked when he buried the entire group who have been presented as renegade psychopathic maniacs. I laughed at his "CYABYE." I cried when I realized that the Nexus have gone from unstoppable terrorists to bumbling doofuses in a day's time (although this was rectified as the night went on, partially).

- The booking of the Nexus and how it's suddenly devoid of logic. They were built as this group who were at their strongest when they were united. That's what John Cena and everyone else kept saying. Then they lost, as a group, at SummerSlam, and beat the same group of guys the next night in one-on-one matches (and one tag match). WTF. Whatever.

- R-Truth hitting Otunga with a move that looked like it legitimately hurt the both of them for real.

- Everything is always hilarious when two or more divas are walking backstage, on their way to the ring, and no one is telling jokes. They just laugh (and point) because it is the primary biological function of the WWE Diva.

- Melina taking the worst looking bump onto her face. Worst not as in it looked like it hurt... worst as in it looked like she just decided to jump onto the ground and hit her face off the mat for no reason.

- Essentially, Nexus beat a collective 21x World Champion tonight. 22x if you count John Morrison's ECW World Title reign. More if you count R-Truth's NWA Title reign(s?). Which no one does.

- Pretty sure that Nexus were ready to leave the ring at the end of the show, and referee Jack Doan had to be like "HEY GET BACK HERE" for them to do their show ending pose. Whoopsie.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Feast your eyes on this masterful work of art, via Fuck Yeah Wrestling!

I love everything about this.

And if you don't visit Fuck Yeah Wrestling! on a regular basis, this video is evidence enough that you should.


We have a winner by two whole points this month...

Photo - WWE.com

1. FORTHY (16 PTS)

2. PSO CheZi (14 PTS)

T3. Kastrada (13 PTS)

T3. Mike1494 (13 PTS)

T3. Steve - Burning Spirit (13 PTS)

T3. TheTazDevil (13 PTS)

7. TOH (12 PTS)

T8. Bronsini (11 PTS)

T8. Cory Chaos (11 PTS)

T8. SSJ Storm (11 PTS)

T11. Monkey Man (10 PTS)



T14. Mario (Not last somehow!) (9 PTS)

T14. Sly Dogg (9 PTS)

T16. bstan80 (8 PTS)

T16. Canadian Vampire (8 PTS)

T18. Arn Anderson (7 PTS)

T18. Crock Misure (7 PTS)

T18. TCU (7 PTS)

T18. TH - The Wrestling Blog (7 PTS)

And you can view the updated overall standings here.