Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Dear Mauro Ranallo,

You are the greatest voice in combat sports today. Wrestling, MMA, you name it. You're the greatest. You know this. Or maybe you're a humble fellow and you don't know this.

I know you're calling StrikeForce at the moment, but I also know that you've called pro wrestling before (for sure in Japan, maybe elsewhere too). I also know that you enjoy ROH (you just had Dave Lagana on your show, and heck (yeah, heck), I've SEEN you at Ring of Honor shows in Toronto!

I have a proposition to make you (a proposition I have no business making). While I enjoy MMA, my heart remains with professional wrestling. And, being the selfish man that I am, I want to hear Mauro Ranallo call Ring of Honor.

You don't have to take Hog's place on HDNet, he's entertaining in his own way. Plus he has a gold boat now. You can't just fire a man with a gold boat, can you?!

But if Mauro Ranallo (that's you!) showed up on ROH iPPV, I think I would just empty my bank account in a fit of joy and hand the money over to ROH, thus pre-ordering every iPPV they will ever put on in the future. Between hearing you call wrestling in Japan and hearing your views on wrestling (and your staggering pro-wrestling knowledge) on Right After Wrestling on the Score, I can put two and two together and see that you and Ring of Honor are a perfect fit.

ROH has bounced around with announce teams for their iPPVs, and I think it's time they stick with one combination for good - Mauro Ranallo and Dave Prazak.

Maybe you agree. Maybe you disagree. Maybe you'd prefer to continue calling StrikeForce, or maybe ROH isn't interested in you. Maybe you'd like to keep sitting across from Renee Paquette instead of beside Dave Prazak (can't blame you there).

Whatever you believe, I hope this open letter, as written by a Twitter-geek wrestling dork, can plant that seed of honor in your brain.



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