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I can't be the first one to say this and truly believe it, but if I am, then U HERD IT HERE FIRSTTT.

First of all, I just don't fucking believe it. I don't believe that Eric Bischoff and Hogan's bestest bud Bubba the Love Sponge would just start declaring that this account is real, for no reason. Literally. No reason. What reason could Bischoff or Bubba have been given to follow this account, instead of any of the other countless fake Hogan accounts that pop up? None.

Unless if the reason was for a lot of people to follow the fake account so everyone could see the bogus tweets that were about to happen, thus putting this work into motion.

Hogan didn't say anything about it to E and BTLS, obviously, and these dudes are closer than brothers, brother! Why would they jump all over this without consulting the Hulkster? And while I do find Bubba to be exceptionally stupid, I don't find him or Bisch stupid enough to just declare a completely and obviously fake Hogan account as real and tell the world to follow it.

Plus, why the fuck would Bubba tweet about a meeting with Hogan, and tweet TO Hogan about the meeting they just had WHEN THEY WERE JUST THERE TOGETHER. Surely Bubba would've said to Hogan, who was allegedly right beside him, "hey, ur on twitter now right? i'ma tweet u. bubba." and Hogan would say, "no i am not on a twitter whats a twitter, jack"

Not only that, but TNA has already had this account overturned AND are promoting Hogan joining Twitter on Impact. So, they're taking this story and putting it on TV already. And I'm pretty sure it takes a little longer to take control of a fake account. WWE try to get rid of fakes for fucking weeks, if not longer, and they're WWE. The speed of this was insane, and seemed like it was done this way to create an intentional buzz.

Which brings me to my other reason. TNA love this whole "buzz for the wrong reason" approach. Whether it's bringing Hogan's fat friends into TNA, or putting ECW wrestlers' interests above the company's, or orchestrating a phony Twitter account story to get them buzz on the dirtsheets for their next episode, they love this stuff. It also screams of Eric Bischoff and how he loves working the internet for fun.

This idea definitely sounds like it's leading to a "WHO IS THE TNANONYMOUS DISGRUNTLED WRESTLER?!?!" It sounds like a storyline that TNA would do, because they, like WCW did, loves the "who's side is he on?!" "who's the mystery masked man?!" "but why did he do it?!" "who is the disgruntled wrestler on Twitter?!?lol?" bullshit-whodunnit type of angles that essentially are just done because they don't know how to tell a story without being like "but there will be surprises, promise!" Which is also bullshit, because advertising surprises defeats the whole goddamn purpose (but that's a whole other rant).

Here's what I am guessing will happen:

Hogan shows up on Impact, says some "dudes" and "brothers," maybe he addresses a current storyline or whatever, but then eventually he explains that he's joining Twitter. He makes an inside joke/crack at the whole debacle that went on yesterday, and that's about it.

But eventually, be it the next show, or a little ways down the road, the whole "disgruntled employee" thing starts playing out on the show. People start wondering who it is, wrestlers keep getting "misused" and "screwed" and there is a TNA originals V. brass storyline that ultimately goes nowhere.

I really do think this is all a work. Maybe even some of the things we've been reading online have been embellished or even worked as well (Joe yelling at Russo, Styles complaining about dropping the belt, etc.). This TNAnonymous guy is essentially outlining a feud on Twitter, saying he'll reveal his identity in October when his contract is up, along with 14 other upset wrestlers' contracts. Hmm… so he begins with an initial conflict (fake Twitter fiasco), challenges an opponent (Hogan, Dixie, Bischoff), sets a date for this to be resolved (October) with a stipulation (loser leaves TNA).


Sounds like a storyline to me!

And I also don't believe the hilarity that a real human TNA wrestler actually thought the best way to go about solving his issues in the workplace was to create a fake Hulk Hogan account on Twitter and go fucking postal with it. Not only that, but he managed to convince Hogan's closest friends that it was legit.

It's a work. It's hilarious how quickly the wrestling media bit on this one. But I will admit, done the right way, working people on Twitter would be AMAZING. But this just isn't subtle at all.

Also, Bound For Glory is in October. Worth mentioning. And apparently Hogan's contract expires in October. Holy jeepers is this a work.

I almost hate writing this and pointing it out, in case people are buying into it and getting excited. There's nothing worse than someone ruining the ending of a good book. Except TNA isn't a good book, it's more of a shitty remake of a bad movie you would sometimes watch but never really got into because the ring was too small and made a weird noise and Tony Schiavone was annoying.

If I'm wrong you have permission to post things like "lol" and "butthurt" and "U MAD" in the comments section.

The end!

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