Tuesday, August 3, 2010


As reported by NoDQ.com

This must mean Joe is going to wrestle Danielson at Glory By Honor, right?! RIGHT?!


I'll try to keep my mark-outs in check for a second. But let's think about this.

Could Joe's "bad attitude" be stemming from working with Vince Russo, being booked like a total fool, and teaming with Rob Terry to lose on PPV? Hmm, let me ponder that for a seco-- WHY YES IT IS. I love the idea of a company treating a guy like shit and then suspending him for having a bad attitude. If your boss made you paint a dong on your face and get kidnapped by ninjas, you too might be a little pissed off.

Maybe this could be the first step in Joe leaving that sinking ship (I picture it as a tugboat that makes fart noises as it putts along) that is TNA. I don't even need to believe that that means he's coming back to ROH. I just hope the dude can do what he's best at somewhere. Watching the Punk/Joe shoot makes me sad, considering where Punk is and where Joe is.

But Joe could be fed up with TNA after this and decide that he needs to go where he'll be appreciated. Y'know, instead of rotting away in Orlando, feeling your brain deteriorate with every syllable that plops out of Vince Russo's mouth.

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