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Every week I, along with several other wrestling blogs (including my blogging Russell Bro, TH of The Wrestling Blog), will be sending in my top ten wrestlers to WrestleSpective. My votes are compiled with those of the other bloggers and that gives us the Power Poll. Here's this week's rankings (go to WrestleSpective to view the full write-up, and check out all of the other awesome wrestling content there - you'll find it especially awesome if you're a stat-geek (or any other specific-type-of-wrestling geek) like me):

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1. The Miz (5)
2. John Cena (4)
3. Rob Van Dam (8)
4. Sheamus (3)
5. Randy Orton (1)
6. Kane (2)
7. Rey Mysterio (7)
8. Chris Jericho (6)
9. Dolph Ziggler (NR)
10. Edge (NR)

1. The Miz
- IN KAYFABE: Def. Evan Bourne in the match of the night on RAW; holds all the cards going into SummerSlam with John Cena and Bret Hart in need of a seventh and final member on their team.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Had fucking awesome chemistry with Evan Bourne; cut a great promo after his match; mentioned Nancy Carrigan.

2. Tyler Black
- IN KAYFABE: Went to a time limit draw against Christopher Daniels on HDNet (non-title); called out his HATERS.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Has been in the news this week for signing with WWE, drawing a mixed reaction from fans, which he seems to get no matter what he does. He could tap Brock Lesnar for real and some people would still be like "lol overrated."

3. Rey Mysterio
- IN KAYFABE: Def. Drew McIntyre in the main event on Smackdown!; somehow figured out that it was Kane who attacked the Undertaker (What?! But Kane was the one seeking revenge on Undertaker's attacker! Crazy you guys! CRAZY!).
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Had some nice moves in his match against McIntyre (including a bullfighter spot); cut a promo that turned into, yet again, one of these live montages, which actually made Rey look like an idiot as he was speaking (he claimed to have been chokeslammed 15 feet deep into the water, and just as he said that, the live montage cuts in with a clip of Rey getting chokeslammed and immediately surfacing with his head bobbing above the water. Ho boy.)

4. John Cena
- IN KAYFABE: Re-assembled his team in a moment of triumph to chase the Nexus from the ring, closing RAW.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Potentially spoke Hindi to the Great Khali; drew one of the biggest reactions from a RAW crowd this year (that place was this close to combusting and sending XXXL t-shirts and mountain dew everywhere); lined up (as Superman) alongside Bret Hart (in his Batman shirt) and the rest of the WWE Justice League, like he was about to come to blows with the Super Villains [photo and premise courtesy of Kentucky Fried Rasslin'].)

5. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes
- IN KAYFABE: Def. Matt Hardy in squeaky clean fashion on Smackdown!
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Continues to provide nothing but pure comedy with his grooming tips. And not comedy where you don't believe him as a serious wrestler. Just he's a fucking hilarious dude. The smile he does where he basically opens his whole mouth - golden. Cody for champ.

6. Dolph Ziggler
- IN KAYFABE: Def. Kofi Kingston to win his first Intercontinental Championship.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: May celebrate by taking a porn star to SummerSlam. I'm not even joking!

7. Kaval
- IN KAYFABE: Was def. by Husky Harris in six-man action on RAW; took Sheamus' Pale Justice/Irish Curse/Celtic Whatever after the match (maybe that's a good thing, kinda like when Triple H chose to Pedigree Sheamus out of all of those developmental wrestlers pretending to be security guards!).
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Was the most over of all of the NXT rookies in that match; handed out the most exciting offence of the match; got a FRIGGIN' Low Ki chant!

8. Luke Gallows
- IN KAYFABE: Beat the living hell out of MVP and pinned him like he was Bad News Brown squashing a jobber. In a six-man tag match.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Was a part of an awesome promo from CM Punk, who forced his SES to their knees and berated them.

9. John Morrison
- IN KAYFABE: Even though their relationship is in some choppy waters, Morrison and R-Truth defeated William Regal & Zack Ryder on RAW.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Grew a beard. And looked better (in-ring wise) than he has in quite a while. Way to land ON the guy this time!

10. New Jack
- IN KAYFABE: I don't know if he did anything in kayfabe this week. Except maybe buttfuck Jeremy Borash.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Hugged. And made me laugh more than anyone else (intentionally) on HardCORE Justice. "Hey white girl."

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  1. I can't decide if Dolph or New Jack won the prize week, in my opinion. Probably Dolph--AA is a nice looking lady--but if he really wants the prize, Jack will just knock him down and take it, so... I guess it doesn't really matter:P