Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I don't know if I've heard anyone suggest this yet. But to me, it makes all kinds of sense.

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Kofi blew everyone away with his badass, racecar-demolishing, street-clothes-wearing promo on Randy Orton last year on RAW. It was awesome. The guy we only knew as the dude who came out bouncing and smiling all of a sudden had an attitude and a pair to go along with it.

Since then, aside from the occasional moment in a promo, we have yet to see this Kofi Kingston again. Kofi's been set aside for now, so it seems, to give Randy Orton some breathing room as the resident badass tweenin' babyface. But I want to see the Kofi we saw destroy a Nascar with a crowbar. How can we see that again?

Turn Kofi Kingston heel.

Kofi could run wild with his mean streak, maybe alter his moveset a bit in order to turn those cheers to boos, and maybe we'd see a guy who looked and sounded as tough as he did that one specific time. I really think he could kill it.

Now is the perfect time to do this. Smackdown! is potentially overflowing with midcard and main event faces (Christian, Undertaker, Mysterio, Big Show, Kane, MVP, Matt Hardy) and they could definitely use a fresh new midcard heel to liven things up and add to a pretty solid - yet sparse - heel roster (Ziggler, McIntyre, Punk, Swagger, etc.).

He shouldn't be a cowardly heel. He shouldn't an "evil" heel. He should be the dude who blasted Orton's car with a crowbar and showed no remorse. This dude was a bona fide badass.

All of the greatest faces in wrestling were never truly great until they showed their mean streak to the crowd. The Rock, Randy Orton, John Cena, Shawn Michaels... you could go on and on.

Kofi Kingston needs to turn heel, find his inner badass and take the spotlight he so deserves.

Kofi Kingston turning heel. This should happen.

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  1. yes yes yes yes yes that would be beyond awesome...i couldn't agree with you more heel Kofi would be the best Kofi so far.