Thursday, April 8, 2010


Levon Helm is a legendary musician. He played for The Band
(THE Band, not "The Band") throughout the sixties and seventies, but now he's settled down in his home in Woodstock, still playing, but with his own band.

Levon hosts something called "The Midnight Ramble." People come to his home, his band plays, everyone has a great time, brings food, and gets down into the early hours of the morning. I thought I'd heard rumours that people actually stay over at his house, but I don't think that's true.

Special guests and famous musicians frequently show up to play and have a good time. It sounds like the perfect evening for fans of rock and roll.

Now then.

If Levon Helm was a pro wrestler... it would probably go a little something like this.

The only real difference I can see is that Levon Helm doesn't encourage intoxication at his party.

Seriously, it appears that this bash has EVERYTHING, including a place to pass out! So I'll just wait by my mailbox for my invitation to come in the mail.

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