Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It took me four days, but I finally sat down and watched the Big Bang. I feel like I can breathe again and go to ROH's website and other wrestling sites freely without fear of spoilers... and boy am I glad I managed to avoid any spoilers.

But right now I'm debating whether this is even worth writing about. What could I even say that could do even the slightest justice to how good these matches were? I could probably write until the internet ran out of space, but you have to actually see Tyler Black superplex Austin Aries and hit God's Last Gift all in one fluid combo to understand it (and involuntarily exclaim out loud while you're by yourself watching it on your computer).

So, instead of a lengthy match-by-match write-up, here are my favourite moments from The Big Bang:

- Kevin Kelly and Dave Prazak on commentary. It felt like all of the rough patches from Final Battle 2009 on iPPV were smoothed out and they did a great job calling the matches, making it feel like the big event it truly was.
- The Charlotte fans. They were on their feet and white hot from start to finish, even giving it up for the local boys in Phil Shatter and Jack Salvation. They were obviously just exhausted by the end of the night, but who could blame them? I needed an inhaler halfway through and I was watching from my COUCH.
- Kenny King looking like a legitimate star standing toe-to-toe with Davey Richards. A fantastic match.
- I LOVED the brawl between Stevens and Necro. It stood out on the card as being just completely chaotic, while the rest of the night was about athleticism. Necro blasting Ernie Osiris with the Section B sign was deadly.
- Cassandro El Exotico was not only hilarious, but also a goddamn WARRIOR. How can a guy who feels his opponent up for laughs (and boy was I laughing) also BREAK HIS LEG on a dive and not only CONTINUE the match - BUT WIN. Incredible.
- Rhettski's apron headscissors is also worth mentioning.
- El Generico finally fighting back against Kevin Steen - AND EVERYONE ELSE. His Brainbuster rampage was awesome, not to mention his crazy over-the-corner dive to Steen and Corino. I can't wait to see the big Chicago Street Fight.
- Colt Cabana's out-of-nowhere dive to the outside, splitting Corino and Steen like a couple of bowling pins.
- Grizzly Redwood being Generico's example for Kevin Steen and getting BRIANBUSTAHH'D, potentially squishing his head into his body and making him somehow even shorter.
- Hearing from Cornette, Bobby Eaton and Tommy Young during the intermission was especially cool considering I just picked up Cornette's Midnight Express Scrapbook, which is incredibly addicting.
- Highlight of the entire night may have been the new Chris Is Awesome/1812 Overture MASH-UP THEME MUSIC.
- I could name a ton of spots from the World Tag Title match, but Hero's running, leaping-onto-the-apron elbow with Claudio holding whichever Briscoe it was, made me leap off the couch.
- Jay Briscoe barfing all over the place after being concussed by Hero's "loaded" (loaded with TALENT if you ask me) elbow pad.
- I was 100% swerved by the Kings of Wrestling winning the tag belts. Just an awesome match. KINGS REIGN SUPREME.
- There are too many exchanges in the ROH World Title Three-Way Dance to name. It was a stellar match, much like the Tag Title bout. Roddy was the star of the first half, beating the ever-loving shit out of everyone.
- Austin Aries's heat-seeking missile to no one but the BARRICADE. How his chest cavity didn't cave in on itself is beyond me.
- Tyler Black handing out superkicks like Johnny Cage.
- As mentioned before, Tyler Black's superplex-to-God's Last Gift combo.

I could get real specific and name every awesome spot in that match or any other match on the card, but I would be overstaying my welcome.

Bottom line: This iPPV would've been even more fun had I been able to watch it live (I blame Jesus being resurrected and my family loving me - stupid family!), but it was still entirely worth the four day non-spoiler wait.


  1. But what did you think of that awesome main event with all the luchadores? LOL

    Cassandro impressed the hell out of me. I hope ROH finds a spot for him. Kinda cool to see a lucha version of Adrian Street. The guy is awesome!

    Also cool to see my belts used for a show that was (with one exception) great from top to bottom. Made enjoying the show that much sweeter.

  2. Cassandro was so great, I was dying over here. AND he broke he broke his FRIGGIN LEG.

    Must be satisfying to see your belts held by dudes who defend them like psycho gladiators.

    ... and I uh, ended up not watching the Lucha tag (don't tell anyone!). I probably would've had I been watching it live though.