Sunday, April 4, 2010


I've been on a hunt/Flair For The Gold for cool pro wrestling blogs or Tumblr's lately and they seem to be way harder to find then I expected. Maybe there's just not that many out there. Anything I could find was just people posting RAW results or wrestling "news" or whatever, which is boring as all fuck (and actually why I started up this blog, pretty much).

But I did find these two Tumblr's, which aren't anything super crazy or anything, but they do have some cool, unique photos. Examples:

I can't tell what is happening in the softcore Randy Orton nipple picture. But I will reblog any cool shit they post and claim it as my own from now on.


just kidding I'll credit them lolololO!!!!!!!!73r7t

I am high on easter chocolate right now.



    firstly this pay per view is terrible, the cameras are not even white balanced, and the aperture on every angle is different. The hard camera is out of focus! Who the hell is in charge of this insulting production quality. the sound delay was obvious and IT went to commentary fading after 50 mins... It began around ten minutes of nothing, and cut out an hour or so into the event.

    Me and six of my friends got together yesterday to watch the event, and it was not available to be viewed for another 24 hours. Why is this a problem. I can go to and watch raw steaming live on repeat commercial free ten minutes after it is finished airing. Why the hell does it take your company that I am paying money to watch so long to do this?
    I really want an explanation.

    The worst thing is I am still going to watch this ppv, and I am going to pay for the next one. But only because I am a ROH fan and I believe in the ROH wrestlers and the products. Please stop ruining my ROH experience, and give me a product that I will even pay more money for. Believe in your reproductions - or take part in the production if you believe in what yr selling.

    I will never understand why 80% of the production value of ROH events, are worse quality and production value then ECW PPV's were over a decade ago.

  2. I think you're looking for this: