Saturday, April 10, 2010


I am on my way outtttta here for the weekend so here is my review of Smackdown!:

It was GOOD!


That's... pretty much all. The wrestling was fun, there was a bunch more of it than last week, Swagger's interaction with Jericho was so hilarious (give it to me), and Matt Striker is making me hate him more and more each week because he can play (or maybe just IS) a phenomenal douchebag.

I'm also glad that Shad/JTG seems to be getting more closure than Carlito/Primo ever did, which is great. Here are a few more things I wrote down while the show was happening:

During the recap of Punk offering his hair for one more match with Rey Mysterio, I remembered I had a dream about CM Punk, and his head was shaved, but not entirely, instead it was more like a Hulk Hogan skullet. Hopefully that's not a flash forward I had.

There is nothing better going on right now than the Straight Edge Society. I really feel like we'll look back on this years from now and realize how ahead of it's time it was. Or something.

This, once again, has been a heel-heavy Smackdown. But I guess that's the nature of the business, or how it generally should be… have the heels run TV so the faces can extract their revenge on PPV.

That I Paid To See Daniel Bryan needs to show up on every show.

... I didn't write a lot. I'm sorry I wasn't funny. I'm ashamed of this review.

So in place of it, here is a video of Mickie James on Jenny Jones.

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  1. Well, that clip of Mickie was pretty random. Wow, she reeks of class.