Sunday, April 18, 2010


With that crazy volcano in Iceland calling the shots, the RAW crew are probably going to be stuck on the other side of the Atlantic come Monday night.

Here are the options that the WWE will have to mull over if the RAW superstars are indeed unavailable for tomorrow night's show:

- Have the Smackdown! crew wrestle on the show with the RAW superstars cutting taped promos from Europe in order to help the build on the go-home show for Extreme Rules.
- Show highlights from this year and promote a live RAW/Smackdown! Supershow for Friday night.
- Build an entire show around Vince McMahon cutting a promo on a volcano.
- Show footage of Triple H pedigreeing a volcano for two hours and eleven minutes of overrun.
- Don't tell the cast of MacGruber that they aren't showing up and see what they come up with.
- In fact, this is all probably a work for one sketch on RAW where MacGruber has to figure out how to get the RAW guys back in time for the show.
- A candid, intimate look at Michael Cole - the two hour shoot interview that will haunt your dreams.
- Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho 2 - Iron Man Match
- The Marine 2 - Iron Man Match with the viewers
- RAW/Impact Simulcast
- RAW/Gossip Girl Simulcast
- RAW/Shallow Hal on AMC Simulcast
- Just show static images of John Cena's crazy faces.
- Vacate the US Title since Miz is in Europe, have three guys fight for it in a cage, one guy who already wrestled in a cage earlier that night, someone wins the title, but have no title to give him because Doug Williams still has it in his duffel bag in Europe.
- Dress ring crew up as WWE Superstars and go on with the show as planned as if nothing it different.
- Just show recaps and see who can tell the difference between that and a regular RAW.
- Run a two-hour NXT with the only rookie challenge being "explain this photo, Justin Gabriel."
- Have the announcers spend way too much time on volcano puns (without fail, this will happen)
- Stan Kroenke is revealed as the volcano's "Higher Power."

I think I've provided more than enough plausible solutions should the RAW crew not be able to make it back home in time.

You can thank me later, Vince. Or MacGruber. Whoever.

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