Saturday, April 17, 2010


As announced on The Wrestling Blog last night, I'll be participating in a very serious live online draft on Wednesday. You can view all of the details here.

The basic idea, as conjured up by TH, is that some sort of unknown Cormac McCarthy-like apocalypse bankrupts WWE, TNA and ROH and now every active wrestler is eligible to be drafted to four new companies run by, of course, internet wrestling fans!

I am excited to get down to business on Wednesday and draft the greatest roster of wrestlers since current TNA, with all of their misused guys. And boy do I plan to misuse them to their fullest extent!

There are some unanswered questions about this fictitious draft, however. Is there a winner? Do you need some kind of basic plan as to what your fictitious company will be? How lenient can my wellness policy be? How many times can I draft Rob Terry? If I draft Triple H, will he just automatically draft the rest of my guys for me and bury me? How many Bryan Danielson clones are there in this world?

Either way, here is my strategy for going forward, which I am intentionally leaking to you in order to intimidate my fellow drafters:

1. Only draft guys who are 6'4, 250 lbs.
2. No vanilla midgets with moonsaults or 45 minute submissions
3. Attempt to reunite the surviving members of the Union
4. Draft only one half of several tag teams to piss everyone off
5. Dispute that Scott Hall is an "active" wrestler
6. Draft celebrities to GM my fake show
7. Marry Vickie Guerrero in order to get leverage in the draft

That's about as much as I've planned.

In all seriousness, this'll be all kinds of silly fun, and I'm excited to out-draft these jobbers and have a show that gets more 18-45 male viewers than any show on Spike, G4, CBS, the WB, the Fireplace Channel, and Slice!

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  1. i am even jakked for this, your brand is going to have the most bragging rights.