Thursday, April 22, 2010


Thanks to Steve and French for putting these together (full credit to Steve for the John Cena blackface one at the end. You can send your hate mail to him at Burning Spirit!).

I picture these guys as when Polkaroo would show up, but one of the two hosts of Polka Dot Door would disappear, then magically show up after Polkaroo had left.

We haven't seen John Cena and Darren Young in the same place, have we? I definitely expect Cena to come out after a segment on NXT with bits of make-up still smudged on his face, and he's wearing that gold headband over top of his orange hat, and it's like the scene in Mrs. Doubtfire at the restaurant where he/she gets drunk and starts accidentally revealing to his/her family that she isn't an old female nanny (Darren Young) but he is their heroic dad (John Cena).

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  1. I knew it.. I f'n knew it.. Bout time someone believes me