Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I find it hilarious that Eric Bischoff trashed the IWC publicly and now he's the guy responsible for bringing in the new Top Ten Contenders system, where the IWC shows up in hoards to vote for Indy-favourite and current poll leader Nigel McGuinness to fight for the World Title.

Place your vote (or multiple votes, so it seems), here.

Also, just quickly, I wonder how much bullshit this voting system is, considering all of the other "factors" that are involved in this ranking system. In addition to the fan vote, these weighted factors include individual wrestler career performance (aka no jobbers), win/loss record (aka you can vote for whoever and we can make them lose if we want), and opinions from Bischoff, Hogan and Dixie Carter (aka time will tell how much they pay attention to the fans).

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  1. i single handedly have voted for Nigel at least 30 times, i expect the same from all of you. Last night i took him from 18% of votes all the way up to 20% you should have seen me Mark and Jacob pop when the 20% came up, it was like when Michaels beat Sid at the rumble.