Thursday, April 15, 2010


Shit got real in Jim Cornette's latest commentary. Read this.

Essentially, Cornette emailed his good friend Terry Taylor (employed by TNA) and TNA intercepted the email and sent him some legal jargon talking about how he's in a real pickle now. Why? He wrote this (among other things):

"I hate Vince Russo. I despise Vince Russo. I want Vince Russo to die. If I could figure out a way to murder him without going to prison, I would consider it the greatest accomplishment of my life."

People (er... I searched Twitter!) are going bonkers over this, saying Cornette deserves to go to jail for this, blahrg blarh durrrr.

Cornette did say some hateful things. And that above statement looks pretty incriminating. But everyone seems to forget that this is Jim Cornette. Have you heard him speak? Ever?! The man speaks in hyperbole ALL THE TIME. He also has hated Vince Russo since I don't even know when. Nothing has changed. The only thing different is that TNA got their hands on a personal email. I'd wager there are about a billion other emails exactly like this to all of his other best friends. It means fucking nothing when you put it in context.

It's literally as if Hulk Hogan sent a message to Eric Bischoff that was filled with "brothers" and "dudes" and people were shocked and appalled. Jim Cornette's gimmick is hating Russo.

The most annoying thing I've read is people saying "okay, if he said like, I wish he'd die and then didn't say anything else, than whatever. But he just gets so specific and keeps going..."

That is Jim Cornette. Remember that time someone screwed someone else on Raw and he was commentating, and went, and I quote, "It was a ruse! A set-up! A hoax! A ploy! A stunt! A sham! We've been bamboozled! Conned! Whitewashed! Had the wool pulled over our eyes!" (this literally went on for longer than I can remember, using turns of phrase that sounded like they were from a hundred years ago).

Sound familiar? He just fucking SPEAKS THAT WAY.

It all just seems ridiculous to me. Maybe I'll have a different opinion tomorrow. But I really feel like this exact text could've been printed on his blog and no one would've said anything. People would've read it, laughed, moved on. But since TNA stepped in with lawyers, everyone's shitting bricks like HOLY CRAP JIM CORNETTE IS A TERRORIST.

I don't know the legal ins and outs of this, if TNA has a case, if Cornette's got something to worry about or what. But I truly believe that when put in context of the way Jim Cornette just is and the way he speaks, that this is completely harmless.

But if Vince Russo is found dead tomorrow, then yeah, "Jim Cornette in the meeting room with the tennis racket" is probably the right guess.


  1. I like Jim and owe him a great deal and I won't lie and say in not biased and Lord knows I've made my own share of bad calls, but this whole situation was nothing but a bad idea. Someone needs to count to 100 before emailing folks.

  2. Probably would've been a good idea, yeah.

    My hate for Russo (non-murder hate, honest!) and love for Cornette definitely makes me biased in this situation too.