Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I wish a volcano would ruin thousands of people's travelling plans every week. I also wish Will Forte and Kristen Wiig were GMs every week. I also wish we could have comedy as funny as R-Truth exploding out of his shoes every week.

04/19/2010 RAW

- MacGruber. This may have been the first time since William Shatner that RAW killed with the comedy segments. Nothing is funnier than blowing R-Truth up. But at least he died doing what he loved. Asking everyone WHATS UP WHATS UP.
- Punk/HHH back-and-forth. Why is it that these two have such great chemistry? And when Rey came out and clipped off a clump of Punk's hair i, I made one of those girlish involuntary shrieky-noises that I wish I could've taken back right after it came out of my mouth.
- John Cena's unintentionally hilarious promo via satellite. It was like a press release. Or an update from a field reporter. It treaded into "hostage video" territory when he explained that everyone is safe and they are being treated well. I hope the starting of Extreme Rules is a montage of John Cena swimming across the Atlantic Ocean and performing good deeds and feats of strength for strangers along the way.
- Swagger/UNCLETAKER. Was not expecting to see the Undertaker. Swagger took Undertaker to the limit for his first match since WrestleMania, and looked like a champ. He dominated him at times throughout the match, and I'm pretty sure it went like 15 minutes. Great stuff. Early prediction for Extreme Rules: Swagger retains.
- Jericho's interactions with Punk (with his hair wrapped up in a towel). "Yeah, I beat those guys too." So funny.
- 6-Man Tag. Fun match with some great action and a hot-ass finish for a crowd pogoing out of their seats. They are always way hotter for a finish when Punk takes it, because he draws heat like a volcano that prevents air travel.

- McIntyre/Hardy. Only because it's happened a few times already, and McIntyre has gone over Matt super cleanly every time. Matt Hardy was throwing wild, desperate, end-of-a-Rocky-movie punches at like the one and a half minute mark of a three minute match.
- Michael Cole.

That's about it. This show was really fun to watch and not take super seriously, especially knowing that it was all done pretty much on the fly.

Also, keep checking back for when I set up the Prediction Game for Extreme Rules - it's going to be a running season up until WrestleMania 27.

This post is dedicated to R-Truth, who rode it 'til the wheels fell off.

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