Thursday, April 1, 2010


Mmm. Ribs.

Slam! Wrestling has some great rib stories posted in honour of April Fools' Day that are so fun to read. They have a new article up, but one of my favourites comes from last year's April Fools article - a rib told by Paul "The Butcher" Vachon:

"Don Fargo and his brother in wrestling Jackie Fargo were known as pretty wild guys. After a match in Tennessee they left in separate cars, loaded down with beers, and were speeding into the night when Don, the braver or drunker of the two, got a few miles ahead. He got the bright idea of setting a road block of flame across the highway to scare the hell out of his brother. He could do that because in his trunk he had all the paraphernalia to make bullets that he and his brother used as members of the fast draw and shoot gun club that they belonged to. So in his semi-drunken state, cigarette in his mouth, he is spreading a line of gunpowder across the road, as his brother is bearing down on him. Just as he about finished (and none to soon) the ashes from his cigarette drops from the butt in his mouth and explodes the gunpowder that he is standing over, blowing all his clothes off except his cowboy boots. Then instantly his brother drives up, screeches to a halt, and all he saw was Don Fargo completely naked, bald of hair, eyebrows and eyelids with a cigarette still in his mouth."

I could definitely do with a book or documentary or something that compiled as many rib-stories as you could read/watch. Surely someone out there could do something illegally by compiling any and all ribs told in shoot interviews into one glorious YouTube video. I'd pay this person a duffel bag of money, or more realistically, zero dollars.

Check out Slam!'s April Fools' rib-related articles below:

Legends Love Their Ribs - March 31st, 2010

I really can't tell what I like better - reading wrestling ribs or eating actual ribs. I could definitely fall asleep in a pile of crumpled moist towelettes doing both.

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  1. "I got ribbed left and right and it was awesome." -Tammy "Sunny" Sytch