Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I can't get over how much I was entertained by a show that only had three matches and one four-second Divas match. I honestly didn't even realize how few matches there were while I was watching it because it was such a good show in between the bouts.

Batista was awesome. Cena opposed him so well.

Jack Swagger's cash-in gone wrong was such a good swerve - pretty sure everyone just saw him losing it right then and there (me included).

Christian/Ted was a fun match, especially all of the interaction with the Legends and the Million Dollar Man stuff. I hope there's a long story with the Teds.

I even liked Clark Duke and Rob Corddry for how awkward they were.

The fucking high five of the night has to go to Triple H and Sheamus though. After boring me for most of their match on Sunday, I was reeled in like a teary-eyed nerd for Triple H's heartfelt speech to Shawn (heh, we took on the world though, didn't we bud?! *sniff*) only to have that SONUFFABITCH Sheamus RUIN EVERYTHING! I was furious and couldn't be happier at the same time.

But it wasn't done there. Oh LORD no. Bret Hart tugs at my heartstrings by congratulating Shawn Michaels on his career and being one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. After eBaying his Owen shirt (to no avail) SHOMIZ come out and The Miz proceeds to hitch his wagon to Bret's star and cut a GLORIOUS promo on the Hitman, setting up a hot-ass match between the champs and the Hart Dynasty. This feud will get over the fucking moon if last night was any indication.

All of the HBK video packages highlighting his career were well done as well, and just added to how stellar this RAW was.

Jack Swagger in a main event tag match Batista, Cena and Randy Orton is the biggest step up from losing to Santino that I had to pinch myself to make sure it was real life.

And finally, Shawn's farewell speech. I can't bare to watch a grown man cry (more specifically a pro wrestler). It's just too goddamn beautiful and I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT! The Undertaker's tip of the hat was classic. Shawn's speech though... literally nothing I can say can sum up how moving it was, so I'll just leave it at that.

An awesome show. And we even watched an old 1997 RAW after it and it didn't feel like we were just high off of WrestleMania. It still held up.

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