Monday, March 1, 2010


Check out this dude just loving life in his ROH hat, celebrating the Canadian Men's Hockey Team gold medal win! (Taken from the final highlight video for the Olympics, by CTV)

It's pretty grainy, but believe me - that's the ROH logo right there on that dude's head.

You can see the entire epic (probably only epic to you if you're Canadian) montage here, where you can make out the logo a little better. The hat fella shows up around the 3:52 mark if you're not into hearing that "I Believe" song for the bazillionth time.

Always cool to catch ROH getting rep'd in unexpected places.

Speaking of ROH, I am counting down the days until the Mississauga show, which has a stacked card so far - which reminds me, I gotta send in my stipulation for the main event.

I'll preview that show soon, so look for that. For now, just look at that dude's hat up there, and high five him through your laptop for getting the ROH logo on CTV.

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