Sunday, March 21, 2010


It's official (it's after midnight!) - at the end of this week, wrestling nerds around the world will be watching/getting live-results off Twitter for the Super Bowl of wrestling, the SPECTACLE, the GRANDEUR, the GRANDEST STAGE OF 'EM ALL - WRESTLEMAAAAAAAAANIAAAAAARGRRHGGG XXVI! BYWAB&&G#*!!

I am dripping with Kevin Kelly-like perspiration in excitement. The card is top to bottom solid as heck this year, and, assuming the every-other-year WrestleMania trend continues, this one should be a winner.

In honour of such a glorious week, I will be doing some kind of post every day (or twice a day, who the fuck knows), but I don't know what that will be.

And to celebrate WrestleMania week, you should do as I did and add this ridiculously epic HBK/Taker wallpaper to your desktop (courtesy of Unchained Wrestling Wallpapers): does some really great backgrounds if you're in the market for some, but the latest Wrestlemania XXVI ones really stand out.

Keep checking back for whatever silly shit I come up with for WrestleMania Week.

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