Sunday, February 28, 2010


Kevin Nash tweets comedy at an alarming rate. You already know this if you follow him:

drove around in the rain listening to the new Sade cd ,fuck I really am 50

being married to me for 23 years should be a 50,000 dollar dinner. then again, you don't live with us and dont knwo what a fucking dick i am

But the real gems come in the tweets that aren't posted in your news feed. I'm wetting my jeans over here.

@Tallas toss my salad and i'll think about it. kidding. just saying.

@greeeneyedwhwom Its my wifes birthday, not fucking feed the hungry. obviously youve never lived with me.

@swimbabe5409 sorry i havent been responsive i get very emotional during the winter games. I feel like i may have a yeast infection.

Some of these replies might even be funnier not knowing what was tweeted to him. But some, like this one, are better seeing both sides:

@RealKevinNash Can we please get one more night of kayfabe-wrecking commentary like you did on Thunder all those years ago?

@RedMachineD if they let me drink beer all night like they did back then

And then there are those that get better as they go along:

@HoneyMarieLopez it;s cool nothing wrong with a beautiful fan that enjoys my work

@HoneyMarieLopez if I followed you in the airport let alone on this my wife would give me the Jack Ruby treatment.

@HoneyMarieLopez thats kind of creepy feel like I should be in clown paint ,happy medium

then im off to see my therapist to see if i can get my sexual addiction under control. living the life.

And then there are the ones that make me realize maybe I shouldn't be posting this at all:

@WWEman07 suck my dick. your a faggot dont worry about responding youll be blocked before you read this. p.s i fucked your dad.

Just want to clear up that this is entirely genuine and not at all ironic. Kevin Nash you are a hilarious dude. Please don't fuck my dad!

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