Sunday, March 21, 2010


I was out of town for the past like five days, hence the lack of posts.

This is normally where I would RAVE about the ROH show I was supposed to attend this weekend in Toronto, however, Continental Airlines fucked me like a rapist without a conscience (that was vulgar!), and I ended up missing the show entirely. Thanks Continental Airlines! I hope Kai En Tai chops off your cock.

Seriously, it was like (to continue the wrestling analogy) they were a heel GM and they just kept screwing us and screwing us, promising shit and then all of a sudden turning our plane ride into a bus ride into a handicap match against the Acolytes. C'MON! And I didn't even get to make a rallying come back and piledrive Continental Airlines through a table, they just kept the shit coming, so maybe it was like a late-WCW heel GM or something.

So, in place of what would've been a fun ROH review - although Roderick Strong did not make it across the border for the big main event, which sucks - here is a video of Michael Cole saying "OH MY" like 108,000 times at one PPV. Expecting ROH but getting Michael Cole is the wrestling equivalent of expecting a plane but getting a short bus.

Thanks again, Continental Airlines (fuck you).

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