Monday, February 1, 2010



Triple H vs. Vladmir Kozlov - Winner: Edge
John Cena vs. Kane vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mike Knox vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston - Winner: Edge
The Colons vs. Legacy - Winners: Edge & Chris Jericho
Royal Rumble 2010 - Winner: Edge

And I'm not even counting the MITB shockers!

- What I saw of the ECW Title match. Our feed cut out for a solid ten minutes at the start of the show. I had flashbacks to WrestleMania 17 when I tried to order my first PPV, and it just did not work at all. I can't remember if I cried in front of my friends or not. But I wouldn't put it past me. So fuck you, Viewer's Choice/Rogers!
- The Miz saying what everyone (I hope) was thinking when the whole Pants on the Ground fiasco started.
- Cody and Ted telling on each other to uncle Randy. That was some nice tension to watch.
- The finish to the WWE Title match, including Scott Armstrong going "wtf dude, uh, i saw u." And Randy Orton's "YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" to Ted and Cody, essentially disciplining them like children. Er, children that deserve a beatdown.
- The perfect ending to the Mickie/Michelle feud. A lot of people are "disgusted" at the whole Piggy James thing. But not disgusted at Michelle McCool. Disgusted at the WWE. I think that's pretty retarded. The whole point is - no, Mickie James is not fat, that's why Michelle McCool is the bad guy, and why she gets the shit booed out of her when she calls Mickie James fat. It was a great feud built week by week on Smackdown! and seeing Mickie James get her revenge in a matter of seconds made the little girl inside of me squeal like a pig. Just joking! But seriously, well done, and I liked that it was short and to the point. And that they sold the cake in the face for forty minutes.
- Rey/Undertaker. This match just completely ruled.
- The announcers not shying away from Taker's blood. Not only did they not ignore it, but they totally put it over and used it to give Mysterio more cred! Awesome.
- The Royal Rumble Match. Obviously. Most fun match to watch live. Here are some specifics:
- CM Punk OWNING the Royal Rumble like Stone Cold Steve effing Austin! This shocked the hell out of me, and was EASILY the best part of the night. Punk can draw heat like a maniac, and him tossing out guy after guy was just glorious.
- Punk's mid-match sermons. No one can touch him on the mic.
- Punk's GTS to Beth Phoenix! Holy crap I did not see that coming.
- Shawn's all-business Superkick to Triple H, and Hunter selling it like a gunshot.
- The excitement generated by Triple H, HBK, Cena going back and forth. The crowd lit up for Cena when he first came in.
- Kofi's Trouble In Paridise interception of Shawn's chin music, plus all of Kofi's unique elimination style. Really cool.
- EDGE. Of course. I also like how his gimmick of the Ultimate Opportunist has made him the king of winning matches he's not advertised as being in. I think he should go deeper and show up on the Indy's, beating random guys after the booker changes the match.
- Edge's tear on HBK, Batista, Jericho and Cena.
- Shawn's freakout - could we see heel HBK in the future? Or just crazy man Shawn Michaels maybe.

- Fuck you, Viewer's Choice/Rogers!
- There seemed to be a ton more backstage segments than usual for a PPV. I suppose it was because of the lack of matches, but it's always a nice feeling when you get a PPV and they just get down to business with only a little talk. I like it when there's a backstage thing or an interview on a PPV, but it feels way more important if there's more matches, since on TV all they do is talk. The start to this show felt way more like RAW than a PPV. Especially when they teased things like Big Show/Jericho meeting up in the ring and didn't even capitalize on it.
- Impromptu US Title Match. The Miz is gold on the mic, but MVP does not do it for me in the ring, or on the mic lately. The match wasn't super great, and Miz beat MVP clean, then MVP took it out on Miz, and MVP was booed. Don't get it I guess. Unless if they're turning MVP. He just was made out like a fool.
- Elaborating on MVP (non-PPV related), he just has that same mic style that every midcard face has right now, presumably because the people that write for him, also write for John Morrison, Kofi Kingston and any other non-established face that gets a microphone put in their hand. They just come out and call the heel a bully, coward or JERK, and expect the crowd to go bonkers. Just bugs me sometimes.
- Sheamus/Orton. The match started of great with some awesome heel/heel dynamics, and the crowd was hot as heck. Then it just slowed down and never really got me interested until the finish.
- No one lasting in the Rumble. I'm cool with the pace of it all and everything, but I just feel like it'd be an easy way to put a guy over (like they manage to do most years), by having a guy like Morrison, Kofi or anyone on the brink of the main event scene, to hang in there til the bitter end. No one did that this year, but I guess the consolation is having CM Punk run a clinic at the start of the match, so I'm really not all that upset.

Overall, I thought it was a barrel of fun, as the Royal Rumble rarely misses the mark.

Now we just wait and see what moves get made until WrestleMania, because I don't think anyone believes that Edge vs. Sheamus or Edge vs. Undertaker II for the WHC will close the show.

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