Saturday, February 6, 2010


As promised, here is a by-memory drunk review of tonight's (awesome) episode of Smackdown!

- Jericho's opening promo that segued into him going backstage and accosting people (including one fella who just sat down in shame after being touched by Jericho) until he could track down Teddy Long, who was actually Edge hiding behind a newspaper (lolnewspapers, use a laptop wtf)
- ALL of the Chamber Qualifying matches. I am such a gd sucker for a wrestling show that's based around wrestling. Call me old fashioned.
- The exclusive footage of the Batista/Cena confrontation after RAW. For some reason I find this as a cool idea - showing dark match stuff to move a feud forward. I like it. Plus, 'Tist's powerbomb to Cena onto the steel steps looks badass.
- EVERYTHING CM Punk, once again. The "match" with Batista was awesome, don't really know what the hell is going on there, but colour me intrigued, fellers!
- The closing angle with Punk, Jericho, Edge and Undertaker all in the ring. I didn't think so much talent could fit on my TV screen (this includes Undertaker's talent for showing up at the end of a show using his voodoo powers).

- Uh... the Divas match... I guess? Although I actually did like it. Beth Phoenix as the heel diva who just hands out beatdowns to everyone is pretty awesome. I think this just fits here because it might be the thing I was least entertained by. But even still, Michelle McCool and Layla are awesome as a team, and the diva segments always deliver on SD! for me. Consider this moved to the LIKED section!
- Oh, and Cryme Tyme's Word Up. I guess. Again. But even that was entertaining for how awkward and hilarious Jerry Lawler was. Plus they insinuated that they were going to a strip club. Ridiculous.

Great show, and once again, I'm shocked that this entire week (and more, if you count last week's fantastic Smackdown!) has been a winner because of WRESTLING being the focus of these WRESTLING shows.

And, by all accounts, this should keep up for the next week as well, with Punk/Gallows travelling to RAW to challenge DX for the Tag Straps (with Miz and Big Show involved), Bret Hart and Vince still being the driving emotional force on Monday, and a potential (at least that's what it appeared) blockbuster tag match on Smackdown! next week with Punk and Jericho teaming to take on the unlikely team of Taker and Edge (pure speculation, obvs.).

The Road to WrestleMania is and always will be the most consistently best time to watch WWE in the year. Even if it's littered with stupid crappy guest hosts.

I'm glad that the second W in WWE still means something in... uh... WWE.

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