Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Everyone looks like a complete star in this video.

From the way the footage from 8th Anniversary was cut together with Steen's "I'm elated yet totally disturbed" promo, to Davey's real talk TV Title promo for Eddie, to Kenny King's amazing Michael Vick line, to even Erick Stevens' promo with Joey Ryan, where Stevens gives me the feeling that he should be feared not because he's a dominating monster, but more because when you look in his eyes (LOOK AT HIS EYES![/michaelcole]) you feel like he's not all there and kinda dumb (in a dangerous high school meathead who would beat you up for looking at him kinda-way).

But the star of this videowire has to be Austin Aries. His interview was... well, see for yourself:

This videowire also made me realize that Tyler Black and Hank Azaria may share the same voice.

EDIT: This video was so good that I forgot to even mention the AWESOME promo by the Kings of Wrestling. JEEPERS.

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