Monday, February 22, 2010


Kinda like WWE PPV cards! Hey, I'm not complaining. WWE has conditioned me to expect zany outcomes on PPV, and last night didn't disappoint (in zaniness):

- 3 World Title changes!
- 3 Title Matches scheduled, 2 added on the fly, 1 postponed 'til who knows when!
- A guy who wasn't advertised as wrestling for the WWE Title walked out of the PPV with it!

And this was one of the less zany WWE PPVs!

As for why this post is being hijacked, it's because I just saw this:

"Just announced: MONEY IN THE BANK Qualifying Matches will begin TONIGHT on Raw. Watch LIVE at 9/8 CT on @USA_Network!! #WWE"

So, we can take a few things from this:

1) Money In The Bank is happening TWICE this year
2) There will be some serious shenanigans where the qualifiers are postponed, or the winners go on to fight at the PPV this summer (which would be like a 7 month build, so don't expect this).
3) The Money In The Bank winner will defend his briefcase in a second MITB match in the summer or some crazy shit
4) I don't know
5) They don't know either (likely)

Now that I've covered this business, and discovered that RAW should be a decent program tonight (until my brain remembers that Jewel and her Z-list celebrity husband are in charge), on to a like/didn't like review of last night's show:


- The action-entertainment drama of the Elimination Chamber matches. From the anticipation of who would be in the pods (lol pods) to who would come out of them first, it makes for good fun (and some hilarious shots of guys standing in a glass case of emotion).
- The Randy Orton/Ted DiBiase/Legacy feud taking another step forward. Loved Ted pinning Orton in his hometown.
- Orton gingerly throwing Cena over the top, essentially by the belt loop on his denim jorts.
- Sheamus selling Kofi's leg-kicks like they were setting his legs on fire. Can't tell if it was good selling or just hilarious.
- Drew McIntyre's badass new theme/entrance (I missed the SD that is debuted). He looks like Link. But Evil Link. So DARK LINK.
- All of the Daniel Bryan talk on the PPV. So much. And so, so good. Miz's interview rocked, and MVP even stepped it up for the paying customers.
- Big Show acting as annoying as Miz. His face annoys me so goddamn much. That big ugly bastard.
- CM Punk bringing his sermon all the way into the Chamber.
- The WHC Chamber Match, I thought, was the better of the two. Complete with Jericho hiding in a pod, which was so awesomely funny. And he's the champ! Jericho as the Champion = great television. It's axiomatic.
- Undertaker nearly catching on fire (WALKING THROUGH HELLFIREANDBRIMSTONE) and getting so pissed that I was scared he was going to actually murder someone once he got out of his pod.
- Shawn kicking Taker's face out of his face.

- John Cena scoring an 8th World Title reign, only to hand it to Batista, only to (future obvious spoilers) win it back (9x) at Mania. These thirty second reigns are what make the WWE what it is now - ZANY.
- All of the changes to the card. I guess there were only two (barring Batista's impromptu title shot), but I was excited to see the Divas Title Tournament Finals, and announcing during the PPV that Miz will defend his belt against MVP on PPV, is stupid, considering it just happened last month. Sure, MVP pinned Miz, but it was in a tag match, so wouldn't you assume that should lead to a Tag Title shot? I hate when logic stares you right in the face, and it's ignored like that.
- Miz vs. MVP. The match was so slow, and so full of sloppy MVP wrestling. Am I the only one that thinks MVP looks tired and slow in every match he has?
- Recaps on PPV. I like hype videos and stuff... but recapping Bret/Vince, or what happened earlier in the night (who tunes into a PPV halfway through to need a recap from earlier in the night?) come off as super-obvious filler.
- Punk getting eliminated so early. But that's just because I have a total crush on him.
- Michael Cole.

With the MITB Qualifiers, Shawn/Taker business, Edge choosing his 'Mania opponent, the Batista/Cena confrontation (yes I'm actually into it), and Jewel and Cowboy Whoever tearing it up on the mic (fml), it should be a half-decent show!

If my life was a movie this is the part where it would cut to me four hours from now crying in a fit of rage after a terrible RAW, because I always seem to get excited for shows and have the rug pulled out from under me.

No more complaining! I'll just watch the show and hopefully have a good time. Or at the very least Jewel will botch someone's name and I'll laugh myself off the couch.


  1. I was fine with Punk's elimination since the bump he took beforehand was disgusting. Top rope rana on the steel made me cringe.