Thursday, February 4, 2010


I have an unhealthy obsession with the Food Network. That, coupled with my lifelong Thursday Raw Thursday hypnotization of the WWE is a dangerous combination when Dinner Impossible features WWE Superstars.

This aired a while ago, but it's still escapes me, despite having the Food Network on whenever I'm not watching wrestling (cool life rite?!?!11). Here's the first few minutes of the show that I tracked down on YouTube:

Doesn't that look like just a delightful bit of television programming? Count me in!

I've been scouring my guide for when it airs next, but I just missed one that was on the same time as the LOST premiere.

I need to see this. My two favourite things smushed together in one show. It's like some kind of glorious non-sexual threesome.

Hopefully it comes on soon. I'm watching Big Daddy's House right now, and while his perogies look delicious, I would definitely enjoy the show a lot more if Randy Orton RKO'd him while he's zesting a lemon.

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