Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I LOVED this show. Holy crap. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that Danielson, upon his signing with the WWE, would be given such an amazing start.

They didn't change his character.

They didn't give him some wacky gimmick.

They didn't erase his history.

They let him be the American Dragon.

And placed him in one of the most talked about feuds to ever happen - BEFORE it even began airing on TV.


Okay, my nerd boner is showing. Let's get down to what I liked and didn't like.

WWE NXT: 02/23/10

- The entire feel of the show. From the different camera angles, to the hype videos, to the backstage stuff to start the show, even to the theme song, I am WILD (and young) for this show.
- Daniel Bryan winning fans over in front of our very eyes. When he strolled out and launched into his "impress Miz" speech, the fans weren't really behind him. But as the segment went on, you could almost see him settling in, getting more comfortable, and by the end - he was getting serious cheers.
- Daniel Bryan's gimmick. Because it's not a gimmick. He's just American Dragon. If Miz slaps him, he laughs, because he's a tough bastard. If someone's going to tell him he has no charisma, he gets in the ring and nearly taps the World Champion. Maybe it was because I was so nervous watching the show because I have emotion invested in Bryan Danielson as if he were my Dad, but I enjoyed this show on a stupid crazy level.
- All of the hype videos. Especially for Tarver and Otunga. Otunga comes off like a champ already.
- The tag match was good, I love me some Christian. Heath Slater
- CM Punk and the Straight-Edge Society's behaviour towards Darren Young. When they walked out without even looking at him, and Punk pulled Serena in closer to him as if Young was a homeless person they were trying to ignore on the street, I bust a gut laughing. This pairing will be another highlight for this show each week.
- Wade Barrett's brown-note baritone voice.
- Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho. We've all thought about it. It actually happened. I shed a tear of joy for anyone who has fantasy booked this match in their mind. Bryan took a huge dive to the outside and clobbered himself into the announce table in a scary spot. I think I whimpered in fear as it happened. Jericho's selling of the heel hook was so perfect. And...
- Miz slapping Bryan around after his match. This closed the show off perfectly, and I literally can't wait for next Tuesday.

- Michael Cole. Normally he's in the "didn't like" as more of a joke than anything. But tonight, he set my nerdy emotions ABLAZE. And I LOVED IT. This is only in the "didn't like" because of how good Cole was in touching on every nerve a smark has. He got me so riled up that I just wanted to see Danielson prove him wrong, and Josh Matthews to shut him up. Brilliantly played, be it real, fake or a mix of both. And now with Michael Cole's latest comment, they are taking it to the next level. Just take a look through all of the comments made by people on WWEUniverse's Twitter. People are fuming.

NXT is my new favourite show. Seeing Danielson every week, and his impending encounters with Jericho, Miz, Christian... and of course, CM Punk, will be awesome to watch. Plus there are some other good rookies (Otunga, Barrett) to watch develop as well.

Wrestling is always a lot more fun to watch when you have something invested in one of the guys wrestling. When I was younger, it was any babyface winning a belt. If Undertaker had a match and it sucked, but he won the belt, I was ecstatic.

Now, for me at least, when a guy like Danielson shows up, who you followed in ROH, saw wrestle live on more than one occasion - you actually give a shit about what happens to him. There are other guys you care about on the roster too, but there is something more real about watching a guy who you knew before he appeared on WWE TV. You want him to succeed so badly.


  1. man did you hear that they signed the guy who created the Colt/Mick Foley comedy tour as a member of creative. Maybe Colt will get another shot on NXT. He would actually kill on that show (especially considering it appears to be his fucking idea)

    That would be awesome. Plus that guy apparently pitched the Shatner spoken word thing which was actually funny. Maybe the writer of Monk is gone?

  2. also was "Christ" Jericho another amazing Freudian slip or just the truth?

  3. Oh that was 100% real talk right there.

    I hope the Monk writer is gone. And yeah, NXT would be super perfect for Colt. If only he brought that idea up to them when he was there.