Monday, February 15, 2010


I'll start off by saying this. I was not at this show.

However, I did have a man on the inside (hi steve), and the first thing I heard about the show was how by the end of the main event, where Tyler Black captured his first ROH World Title, everybody was cheering him on.

This comes as a MASSIVE surprise, considering the last time the New York crowd watched Tyler wrestle, they were split right down the middle.

So this past Saturday, Tyler Black celebrated the biggest victory of his young career by taking in the cheers from his harshest critics.

But even still, with Tyler winning over the same people who booed him out of New York in December, there are people crying on message boards... who haven't even seen the match.

Again, I will say this: I too haven't seen the match. But I'm also not tearing it down like it's the worst thing to ever happen to me (WAHH!!).

It always blows my mind that people will pass judgment on something they haven't even seen. Here are just a few examples from ROH's facebook page (in response to Tyler's title win):


"a new champ..i bet all the girlies are happy...this is a shame"

"Oh well time to stop watching the HD Net show.I'm not tuning in again until this jabroni drops the belt!!

"On the night that was supposed to lead to his heel turn,pearce puts the belt on him.go figure..................*r
oll eyes*"

"It's abou F***in time the kid won the title he had how many chances and couldn't it done ?Black is a good (not great) worker his mic skills (need alot of work) are passible . the kid can go but I don't hink he will have a very long reign as champion some one will beat him quickly I think but probibly not "A Double" the "Greatest Man That Ever Lived" Austin Aries . Maybe Scotty Goldman oh I mean Colt Cabana could finally win a World Chapionship for Chicago god knows the Cubs won't even get close to one this year or the bears or the blackhawks or bulls . "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen could make run at it now thathegot rid o the Masked moron El Jerkoffnirico . Rodrick Strong would make a great World Champion Davey Richards all good mem that could easily beat Tyler"I Finally won th title on my 1,000th try" Black"

It's mostly the last two that really bother the shit out of me. "On the night that was supposed to lead to his heel turn..." Seriously, what the fuck? Are you talking about real life, or just the fantasy booking you do in your diary? I don't understand this mindset. Have you ever watched a movie and been like, "Oh well this is STUPID. Right when he was SUPPOSED to murder her and win the lottery, he falls in love with her at the end. LAME *rolls eyes*"

And then there's this last guy who talks as if he's one of the fucking boys. Saying shit like "he's a good (not great) worker," his "mic skills are passible" (bro can't spell), and "the kid can go," make you sound like an idiot who's pretending he's the booker or something. Oh really, the kid can go? He's a good worker? Oh man you must be on the inside! Wait, you're not? Just a nerd who watches all of the same matches that I've seen, yet you seem to know how good of a "worker" Tyler Black is? Shut the hell up.

I just get so riled up with this shit that it gives me an ulcer. Just thinking about these guys sitting on their computers, chugging Mountain Dew: Code Red, shitting all over a show they didn't see makes me want to throw up all over myself.

I guess it's just what happens with anything good. Once something goes for a long enough time, be it a wrestling promotion, a record company, a movie or TV series... the people that love it suddenly seem to also think they know what's best for it.

I'm not saying you can't hate Tyler Black. I'm just saying, why hate something before you even see it.

It boils my blood.

In conclusion, congratulations to Tyler Black winning his first ROH World Title. I can't wait to see this DVD.


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