Sunday, February 7, 2010


Yesterday Kyle Durden tweet'd a picture of himself holding the ROH TV Title - or so we thought! WE BEEN DUPED.

From Durden's Twitter, just now:

"Brought to my attention that people believe the everything they see on the internet....that was NOT the real ROH TV title lol. Keep waiting."

A lot of people (er, a handful of message boarders) were hyperventilating at the sight of the ad-clad, primarily blue TV Title. If you haven't seen "it," here it is.

It's allegedly a belt on loan from the company that was hired to make it - sure does explain that there wasn't any sign of the ROH logo on the gold.

I actually wasn't even bothered by the look of it - even with the ads, I was kinda excited. I even liked the blue, 70's-style design.

...maybe my fanboy colours run a little too deep.


  1. I thought it was cool too. I hope they do have ads like the old NWA Television Title

  2. Yeah man, can't wait to see the real thing now - especially if it looks somewhat like the psych-out one.

    NWA title belts are the best title belts in the history of title belts.