Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I do. Maybe that's why I've followed pro wrestling for so long my adult life EVER.

But I do have some legitimate fears (and serious hopes) of what could happen with WWE's newest brand, NXT, which will apparently focus on entirely new talent in reality-based television:


This "reality" television style could come off really well, if that truly is what will happen. Guys could make some kind of real connection with fans, and we could blend reality with pro wrestling in a way that doesn't break kayfabe, but also gives fans a reason to cheer for a wrestler, besides catchphrases.

Maybe it will be something along the lines of profiling a wrestler (much like The Ultimate Fighter), by showing his life story, his training, and his lead up to his first match. This is a lot like Colt Cabana's idea for his own character that he presented to the WWE (according to his shoot interview), which was shot down. If they steal his exact idea, he needs to choke a bitch.

This "reality" television style could come off just TERRIBLY, in any number of ways. Maybe breaking kayfabe every week, or coming off as so obviously scripted, or having everybody live in a house together and have fake conflicts that amount to nothing, so when they get called to the main roster, every new guy is seen as a cheap reality star instead of a WWE Superstar.

I don't know what would be worse - having the guys actually live in a house together, have some kind of conflict (hay u ate my proteen bar) and then wrestle, or having them live in a house, have a SCRIPTED conflict (hay u ate my proteen bar), and then wrestle.

This "reality" television style show could fail completely, and the FCW roster could pay for it. Imagine that this "NXT" idea fails so hard that guys like Bryan Danielson and Low Ki are associated with it's fail forever, and never get a chance beyond this new concept. This is my ultimate fear.

I really don't know what to expect. The WWE could totally put on really captivating shows that make me invest something in these new guys, and want to see them succeed, without breaking kayfabe and cheapening what happens on the main shows.

Or they could fuck up one of the best talent rosters that they have had waiting in the wings in a long while (Bryan Danielson, Low Ki, and countless second/third generation stars in Brett DiBiase, Joe Henning, and more). I really hope they don't.

Or they could do something entirely different that I haven't even thought of, and surprise me in that way. Which would be cool in itself.

I really do have hope for the best, so I don't want to tear it down before it even starts, because that isn't fair. But whatever they do, I'll be checking it out.

Because Thursday Raw Thursday is still coursing through my veins.

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