Tuesday, February 9, 2010


First Bret Hart gets screwed, then ME. Can we Canadians ever catch a break? LORDY.

The Score (network that airs RAW here in Canada) had some sort of technical difficulty that ended up cutting out the entire middle portion of the Elimination Tag Team match, which made it look like CM Punk came to RAW to cut a promo on Jared Fogle, get kicked in the face and jobbed the F out. So you can expect my perception of the show to be a tad skewed, considering how much I was looking forward to that match.

- Christian and Sheamus' back-and-forth to start the show. Christian has and always will be one of my all-time favourites, so when his music hit, I fell out of my chair. I also love that Sheamus is such an easy target. No matter how many faces point out his lack of skin pigmentation, I'll always giggle like Trish Stratus' theme music.
- The Christian/Sheamus match. While I wish Christian could've come a little closer to winning, him losing to Sheamus is cool with me. He's the effin' champeen. Plus now he's beat someone worth mentioning.
- Teddy Long on RAW to support his Smackdown! guys. Totally swerved me into thinking that Punk/Gallows were going to win, which would've been GREAT. GOOD SWERVE GUYS.
- CM Punk on the mic kills as usual.
- Shawn Michaels going clinically insane over his obsession with the Undertaker. HBK is getting so creepy and I LOVE IT.
- Santino Marella.

- Carl Edwards totally missed his moonsault on the Bellas.
- Kofi's appearance was so wack. And that's the only way I can describe it. How generic is this fucking statement: "Hey Carl Edwards, what's up? I'm in the Elimination Chamber match and I was hoping you could make a match for me next week - I don't want to get rusty! So how about this idea? Next week on RAW - RANDOM MATCHES with all of us swell Chamber participants! Thanks for your time! I'm just going to fade back into the midcard if you don't mind."
- Michael Cole.
- Here's how the Tag Title match looked for us Canadians: DX tosses everybody out of the ring. Commercial. HBK kicks Punk in the face and pins him. Sweet.

This literally killed the show for me because this was the only thing I was looking forward to. I had the impression it was going to be the main event. Just before the show started I was talking about how wrestling is so much more fun when you legitimately want someone or some team to win, because you get way more into the match, so I was looking so very forward to cheering for Punk, in hopes that he'd be able to appear on both shows and meet up with Cheech, Chong and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the near future. So when RAW came back from commercial and Punk was out instantly, I felt like I had the wool pulled over my eyes.

Look at it this way: Punk and Gallows won a big #1 Contender's match on SD! a couple weeks ago to build to an eventual match with DX. Then they announced the match for Smackdown! - only to change up the card to build some amazing head between DX and the Straight-Edge Society. THEN the match was booked for RAW - but the Big Show and Miz threw a wrench into the mix by being added to match. So now it's this big deal (with a new stipulation of it being an Elimination Match, making it even bigger) that's been building for weeks, that gets people like me super excited to see Punk and Gallows finally square off and challenge DX for the belts, as DX seems to be breaking apart at the seams.

Then in a flash Punk is taken out, and Gallows is never seen in the ring, and all that amazing heat just evaporated like a fart on a windy day.

This is mostly thanks to The Score, but I still get the feeling that if I saw the match in full, I still wouldn't be too psyched.

The rest of the show fell flat for me, because like the whiney nerd I am, I couldn't stop thinking about that one match (probably because I was so stupidly excited for it).

So that means I was underwhelmed by the ShowMiz title win (even though Miz with three belts is AWWWESOME), Cena's promo (which was not awesome - why does yelling = good promo to everybody?!), Cena making Ted DiBiase look like a fool right before the dude is fighting for the World Title, and even Bret's action-entertainment angle at the end where he exploded some equipment.

Maybe I'm just butthurt from my armchair booking falling through, but I was really just excited to see that match. And the potential of Punk appearing on both shows leading up to Mania.



  1. I wish the Straight Edge Society built some amazing head with DX. That might get them the same push Sheamus got.

    sorry... normally wouldn't take a potshot at a typo but that one was too good to pass up. I think it was a freudian slip.

  2. BAHAHA.

    Oh man that was the Freudiest of all slips. I'm leaving it.