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With Bryan Danielson's name change making the rounds on the internet recently, I thought I'd post the idea I've had for quite a while. It's SUPER nerdy (I guess all fantasy booking is). But I love it.

When I thought of it, Danielson hadn't signed with the WWE yet. And when I was thinking of who would work in this angle, I was like "well, Danielson would be perfect, but that'll never happen." Lo and behold...


Shawn Michaels takes his pupil, Bryan Danielson, under his wing, leading him to glory as the Money in the Bank winner. But when Shawn Michaels shocks the world and wins the WWE Championship, OPPORTUNITY STRIKES for the American Dragon.





Photo courtesy of Scott Finkelstein's Get Lost Photography


Bryan Danielson, after having success on the NXT brand, would debut on RAW. He would play a similar role that CM Punk did in the early days of his WWE run - just your standard babyface (point and smile!).

It would be mentioned that Danielson was trained by Shawn Michaels, but not really used as something to drive his character just yet.


After a few months or so on RAW with no interaction with HBK, who could be occupied with other things, Danielson earns a spot in the Royal Rumble, along with Michaels.

In the Rumble, a bond would be formed between the two. Danielson would enter early in the Rumble, and be that plucky underdog survivor, lasting the longest. At one point, late in the match, Danielson would find himself being double-teamed by the tandem of Big Show and The Miz. Shawn would be the next entrant, and he would make the big save, right as it looked like ShowMiz would be taking Danielson out.

Together, Shawn and Danielson would be a house of fire, eliminating ShowMiz, as well as a few others, before they both get separately eliminated.


On RAW, Danielson would thank Shawn for watching his back, and Shawn would say something to the effect of "he always looks out for his own." It would be a touching moment, and hearts would be warmed across the internet.

Later in the night, ShowMiz would attack Danielson, which lures Shawn out for the save. Danielson and HBK would team up and feud with ShowMiz, and other teams, right up until WrestleMania. The focus would be Shawn mentoring Danielson, while everyone else says that Danielson is getting special treatment because of his relationship with HBK.


Both Shawn and Danielson would be entered in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, as well as whichever team they happen to be feuding with at the time. At times in the match, Danielson and HBK would work together, at other times, they'd find themselves at odds - but all in the spirit of competition. The match would be spectacular as usual, and would conclude with Danielson and HBK both climbing opposite sides of the ladder. When they both reach the top, they would realize it was down to them-- and HBK would drop down, allowing Danielson to have his moment.

They celebrate together, as Shawn essentially passes the torch to his student.


The next night on RAW, Danielson asks Shawn for some advice - when should he cash-in his title opportunity? Shawn says that Randy Orton, the current WWE Champion, has been running around like he owns the place for far too long, and he deserves to have the wool pulled over his eyes for once. He says that Danielson now has the greatest opportunity of his career and he needs to use it when he has the most to gain, and Orton has the most to lose.

Danielson and HBK would continue to team, until an injury sidelines Danielson, and Shawn is targeting by Randy Orton, the WWE Champion. Orton says that Shawn threw the MITB match because he knew that if he won, he'd be the first man to lose a MITB cash-in against Orton.

The two would feud, leading to a Career vs. Title match at SummerSlam. Rumours would be running rampant that Shawn was looking to take time off, but Shawn would win.


Shawn would continue to feud with Orton, even defeating him in a rematch. One night on RAW, Orton would orchestrate a 3-on-1 main event, unless HBK can find a partner. The match begins with Michaels on his own, and Legacy just rips right through him, until Bryan Danielson makes his big return.

They manage to fight back, and defeat Legacy, but Shawn is badly beaten.

As Danielson and HBK celebrate, Danielson quietly hands over his briefcase behind Shawn's back. The bell rings, and Shawn turns around, looking completely betrayed. Danielson takes Shawn down with shocking aggression, and goes crazy with the MMA elbows, until the referee is forced to stop the match and declare Bryan Danielson WWE Champion.


Danielson would tell Shawn he was just following his own advise - strike when your opponent has the most to lose, and you have the most to gain. Danielson would also say that he never needed Michaels' help, especially for him to let him win at WrestleMania. In fact, he was insulted, and knew right then and there that Shawn's time would come.

The two would feud all the way to WrestleMania, which would culminate in a Mentor vs. Pupil, Career vs. Title match, with Danielson winning in dramatic fashion, and Shawn bowing out on the grandest stage of them all.

Dave Meltzer is forced to give the match twelve stars.

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