Wednesday, January 20, 2010



This is so sweet. It's been talked about for so long, and to see it actually happen is really cool. I'm not sure who'll win it, or even who'll be involved - but why don't I speculate anyhow?

Here are the announced names for the TV tapings on February 4th and 5th, which is when the tournament will take place:

Tyler Black; Roderick Strong; The American Wolves of Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards; Kenny King; The Kings of Wrestling: "That Young Knock Out Kid" Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli; Erick Stevens w/ Prince Nana; Delirious w/ Daizee Haze El Generico; Steve Corino; Kevin Steen; The Dark City Fight Club; The Necro Butcher; “Addicted to Love” Rhett Titus and “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown

And here's my guess/hopes of who will be the eight men filling in the brackets:

Tyler Black
Roderick Strong
Davey Richards
Eddie Edwards
Kenny King
Rasche Brown
Necro Butcher
El Generico

Actually I have no clue. Delirious could easily be in there too. I'm just thinking of guys who get pushed on TV a lot.

Can't wait to see how this plays out, and what it could mean for future shows. It's great that ROH will be able to have another way to turn a regular singles match into a BIG time match.


  1. ROH announced the four seeds for the tournament:

    (8) Rhett Titus, (7) El Generico, (6) Eddie Edwards and (5) Delirious

    If I had to book it, I'd fill it out with Roderick Strong, Kenny Omega, Chris Hero, and Kenny King. I'd love Davey and Black in too, but I kinda feel like their above the TV Title.

    My seeding would then be like this:

    (8) Rhett Titus
    (7) El Generico
    (6) Eddie Edwards
    (5) Delirious
    (4) Kenny King
    (3) Kenny Omega
    (2) Chris Hero
    (1) Roderick Strong

    That's leaves us with:

    Strong v. Titus
    Hero v. Generico
    Omega vs. Edwards
    King v. Delirious

    Then I'd book it:

    Strong over Titus
    Generico over Hero
    Omega over Edwards
    King over Delirious

    Strong over Generico
    Omega over King

    Strong over Omega

  2. Nice.

    Thanks for this. Been busy with having people over for Dragon Gate, which was amazing.

    So psyched to see this tournament play out, even though we'll know the winner before seeing the tapings.

    Go Kamala!


    Steen/Generico seems like the obvious final. I'm sad Roddy isn't in it, but maybe that means he's gonna be a World Title contender in the coming months. Davey as a 4 seed seems weird too, but maybe ROH isn't gonna push him as much with him becoming a main star in DG USA and EVOLVE.

  4. I was surprised that Omega wasn't involved, but I think someone on the ROH boards pointed out that he's currently in Japan.

    And Steen/Generico seems like what they're hinting towards, but I don't see it happening for some reason. Mostly because I don't think they'd let the first meeting between the two happen on HDNet. Or at least so soon. And for the TV Title. Seems like that feud really doesn't need a title to go with it.