Monday, January 18, 2010


This comes as a surprise to no one. Here's Bubba's latest comments, after dishing out some well-deserved hate for Haiti - because hey, they had it comin', alright?!

"Eric needs to chill out on this power trip. Hogan is cool. Eric is running wild. here in orlando things r all messed up. Was suppose to be at the prod meeting @11 they called and said not 2 come??? This is starting 2b not fun. All because of my Haiti comments Sorry people can't handle the truth. And what does my Haiti comments have to do with tna wrestling. I didn't say them on dixies air. I don't think tna is ready 4someone like me. I shoot hard from the hip and ms Carter (although i have a ton of respect 4her) has never had a guy that is as outrageous as I am and has a Nationwide delevery method. So right now I would describe our relationship like oil and water. And it's not good. im headed home. My agent Is coming to Orlando to deal with mess. not that I'll ever b on tna again but tell me any tna personality that has more followers."

Yeah, BURN! I bet they didn't even know how many followers you had on Twitter before they told you to go the fuck home - maybe you should text them and let them know, they'll probably beg you to come back!

What a goddamn tool.

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