Friday, January 15, 2010


Everybody is so quick to hate on the booking of Tyler Black. Saying shit about how "they dropped the ball" with him and essentially tearing down Adam Pearce for making these "mistakes" with him, because he's booked so boring and stale and blah blah etc.

I just wonder if it's occurred to anyone if this is how it's supposed to be? Maybe the Tyler Black character is being set up to fail.

The most evidence I can find for this is ROH's debut in LA at the end of the month. Tyler is facing Joey Ryan, who is hugely over in California, essentially their golden boy for his work in PWG.

Why on earth would you pit Black, who's already taking so much flack from the IWC and the vocal ROH crowd for "dropping the ball" and not being the uber-face he's "supposed" to be pushed as... against Joey Ryan, PWG hero?

It really seems like everyone just thought they knew what was "supposed" to happen with Tyler Black, and when he failed on so many occasions, most notably at Final Battle (where many expected him to win), everybody cried that ROH didn't know what they were doing.

Maybe they know exactly what they're doing.

Maybe something like this could happen:

Aries feuds with Roddy or Davey, drops the belt to one of them (which would turn Davey face), and people rejoice for a champion that won't duck title shots and all that stuff.

Then Tyler cuts the new champion's reign short by either a clean or questionable win, but he still acts exactly like he has been. No heel turn. No nothing.

But people will HATE him.

I don't know. I'm probably wrong, but I just got to thinking when I read that Tyler was facing Joey Ryan in California. They must know what they're doing. So maybe this has been the plan all along...?


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