Saturday, January 16, 2010


Or at least what I remember of it.

- Jericho vs. Morrison was super fun, but also a little short for my liking. Morrison crawling after McIntyre while he's in the Walls was fucking great, and him losing was cool too. Pushed the feud along nicely, because I legitimately hated Jericho winning, and McIntyre seems like a total wanker.

- Undertaker's promo was hilarious but also well-delivered. It was old school, but also pretty BS for him being the World Champion.

- The Steel Cage match was exciting, and I really didn't expect Rey to win. Batista is such a hilarious and hate-able heel that I was happy with the ending.

- That being said, Mysterio's pre-match promo was so fucking funny, and clearly a script:"Nightmares are dreams. And there are also good dreams. Dreams are cool. My dream is to win the title. Dreams are pretty. Peace out, Raymond Stereo."

- Kane/Ziggler was good, and has probably been one of the best straight-up wrestling feuds in WWE in a little while. Ziggler losing was unfortunate, but he also looked great in the match against Kane, who is somehow still over after playing the same character for three hundred years.

- CM Punk is a god. Not just as a character now, but simply in real life. Because he is getting so much heat for how absolutely untouchable he is on the mic that he's turning FANS heel. Did anyone else hear that "TREVOR SUCKS" chant? Unreal.

- I hope Punk and Gallows take the belts from DX and ignite a DX feud that turns into my Hitman vs. Vince storyline. I was hoping originally that DX would drop to the Hart Dynasty, but I'm totally cool with the belts going to Punk and Gallows. Either way, Jeri-Show built the belts up for so long that DX winning them felt like a big deal, so therefore under wrestling booking rules, whoever beats DX should be considered a big deal, so Gallows/Punk of the Hart Dynasty should be pleased when (please when, not if) they win the straps.

- The Divas match was great, and I really think that "Team Lay-Cool" is one of the best heel teams going right now, men included. So funny, and they come off as badass at the same time.

Great show all-round. Smackdown! seems to be on the rebound as of late (ignoring last week's abomination of an ending).

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