Saturday, January 30, 2010


That was the best "go home" show for a pay-per-view I've seen since the WWE last erased my wrestling memory.

There was literally not a single low point in the show for me. Even R-Truth vs. Jericho was spot on. I can't get over it. SD! has been far better than RAW for the last while now, but it still hasn't reached it's fever pitch like it did last summer. But tonight's show was a goddamn godsend.

The Royal Rumble doesn't really need a build on TV for people to buy it, but it's always nice to have one. There really wasn't much going into tonight's show, but somehow this show was so good that it nearly made up for all that time missed, pissing around with guest hosts and midgets pretending to be leprechauns pretending to be sons of Finlay.

I don't need to go into specifics, but this show had great wrestling, great promos, and even great backstage segments - all of which didn't make you feel humiliated or embarrassed to be a wrestling fan! I could've literally watched that with my parents, girlfriend (I did, for some of it!), and maybe even someone I barely knew - and no one could laugh at me!

RAW should be ashamed of itself! Fuck you, RAW!

Never been so jacked after a WWE show. Hope the Rumble doesn't strip me of my happiness.

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