Sunday, January 24, 2010



Holy crap how's that for a goddamn headline?!


So basically what I mean is, I feel douchey for hating on TNA after thinking it could be on the upswing. And I hate tearing down a wrestling show/company just for the hell of it, unless if it's totally justified. So I guess what Storm's commentary is doing is making me feel justified in why I'm not into TNA right now. It's like I can cite a textbook when I dump on TNA. And that textbook is Lance Storm.

Essentially, if you're too lazy to read (c'mon reading is EASY!), Storm just lists the simple, logical things that TNA is doing ass-backwards.

I think my favourite part is Storm trying to make sense of the Orlando Screwjob:

1) If Hebner was going to “Montreal” Kurt and screw him, why didn’t he do it when AJ had him in the Figure 4 Leg Lock earlier in the match?

2) Why did Kurt assume Hogan had anything to do with this? Hogan was the guy who gave him the second chance in the first place. If Hogan wasn’t on Kurt’s side he could have just stuck to the stipulation from the PPV and not given Kurt the opportunity of this match that he would then have to screw him out of later. This was so stupid.

3) How can anyone believe that Kurt is going to quit over this, like he threatened to do at the end of this show. Bobby Lashley has been trying to quit for weeks now but can’t because he is under contract. TNA has already established, on this very show, that guys can’t quit! Doesn’t anyone in TNA watch TNA? Maybe if they did the ratings would be better.

4) The Montreal finish makes no sense when the reigning champ is the one going over! Why bother conspiring with a ref, and fighting this whole match when you are the reigning champion? AJ could just get DQ’d, counted out; you name it, and still retain his title. The whole point of Montreal was that Shawn had to get a pin fall or submission on the existing champ in order to WIN the title. Doesn’t anyone pay attention to details anymore?

I don't know why it's so difficult for TNA (or WWE, they're bad offenders too) to take a step back, look at what they've planned for the show, and just try and poke plotholes in it. Because that's what a ton of fans do when they're watching. And it seems to just get easier by the second with TNA.

Storm hits on pretty much every aspect of TNA last show, and in a fair way, because he gives reasons and has so much knowledge about booking that it's impossible to refute his claims.

Just makes me feel less bad when I watch TNA and frown for two hours.


  1. that was an amazing commentary. he basically sums up everything you want to say but in a more articulate and knowledgable way. Also Hero has a cool blog you should link too

    see you in the car...

  2. Whoa, that's awesome. I'll definitely link him - it looks like he's just started it too.

    That video of him, Eddie Edwards and Ricky Marvin and those drinks is golden.

    And now I'm going to post about it too and not credit you for finding it so suck it.