Friday, January 8, 2010


It's happened before. And this seems to be the year that it'll happen again.

Danielson and Nigel left last year, and with the Briscoes having tryouts, Rhett Titus reportedly attending an FCW tryout of some sort, and Davey Richards reportedly being contacted by WWE, it seems like ROH stars are hotter than ever.

But I think, even if another few big names are plucked from Ring of Honor, they'll survive, as they seem to be the only company that's good at making new stars.

So let's say all of the above names were gone from ROH in 2010 (Briscoes, Titus (eep!), Richards... and why not throw in Aries). There would still be Tyler Black, Chris Hero, Roderick Strong, Claudio Castagnoli, and Kevin Steen and El Generico (who will almost most definitely have the feud of the year), and as budding stars, Kenny King, Kenny Omega, and more.

Maybe I'm just letting my fanboy colours show, but I fully believe in ROH's ability to survive with their style of wrestling, and consistency in building new stars.

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