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Just over a year ago, Eddie Edwards teamed with Davey Richards for the very first time, losing to the Briscoes and the team of Claudio Castagnoli and Nigel McGuinness. The next night, the American Wolves injured Mark Briscoe. This was the first step to transform Eddie Edwards into Eddie Edwards -


Eddie Edwards proved his complete badassery in 2009 by aligning himself with Davey and holding the ROH World Tag Team Championship for over eight months. He also showed off just how much he's learned in the Pro Wrestling NOAH Dojo by wrestling like a man HELLBENT ON VIOLENCE.

But Eddie's crowning moment came (er, unfortunately to him) when he broke his elbow (broken elbow jesus lord) in an anything goes match with Kevin Steen, and still finished the ANYTHING GOES MATCH, including taking a Package Piledriver. Through FOUR CHAIRS.

After word got out that his elbow was broken, everyone was just flat-out assuming that Eddie wouldn't be able to compete (or at least praying he wouldn't be crazy enough to compete) in the biggest match to be hyped by ROH in a long while - the second-ever Ladder War at Glory By Honor VIII.

Not only did he wrestle (bandaged up like he'd been shot)... but he put himself crazy over in the eyes of the fans. People were shocked that he was willing to put his body at such a high risk in such an insane match, but Eddie Edwards proved he was a goddamn psycho, and maybe one of the toughest dudes in the ROH locker room.

What a crazy bastard.

2009: Eddie Edwards to American Wolf

Photos courtesy of Scott Finkelstein's Get Lost Photography (totally ripped this from TH).

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  1. Just watched the anything goes match yesterday. Its so obvious where he breaks his elbow yet the match goes another like 10 minutes and he is USING his arm, like swinging chairs and shit. You've probably watched it too. Crazy eh?