Saturday, December 5, 2009


I watched SD! last night in a big group while drinking, before heading out to see a band. Here's what I remember:

- Arrived during Punk/R-Truth. It looked like a good match, and I liked Luke Gallows' two-handed chokeslam into missionary position move.

- Don't remember much about Kane/Mike Knox, which is probably a blessing in disguise.

- Jericho was hilarious in his interview. So good. The promo Jerishow did to open RAW already sold me on the feud, but this interview sold me on the match itself. And then Big Show closed the promo by biting Chris Hero's style.

- Triple Threat Divas match was super solid.

- I like that Matt Hardy plays video games while the show is going on. "Go get 'em homie! I'll just be here waiting out my contract."

- McIntyre was good. Really liked the ring frame trick. I didn't see it coming and shouted out when it happened, partly because of the drinking, partly because of how surprising it was, but also the drinking.

- John Morrison's slow-mo fireworks were real purty.

- Not sure what's going on with Eric Escobar. Maybe it's the idea that he could get over more for opposing Vickie week after week instead of getting heat for being by her side.

- Punk and Luke Gallows are awesome together, but I have to admit that I still don't understand why Gallows is dressed like he can't decide if he's in the army or riding a motorcycle. Anyway, I'm so into the straight-edge army though. Before, Punk's promos were awesome, but he would only go after the crowd. Now he has an example he can point to in the ring. Sweet.

- Shad looked like a jobber. He debuts a new haircut, gets tagged in for the first time and is instantly punched in the face and pinned. Ouch.

- Missed the Batista/Taker segment, but it doesn't seem like we missed much. Just a chair beatdown to build to the unprecedented CHAIRS MATCH. Not a fan of the themed PPVs. I'll probably write something about that in the near future, even though it's been talked about to death on the internet. But it's like some sort of epidemic. The widespread switch from event to themed event happened so fast. Ah crap. I can feel a rant coming on. REPRESS THE ANGER!

- mitts

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