Sunday, December 13, 2009




Almost exactly one year ago at Final Battle 2008, after a lengthy feud with The Age of the Fall, Austin Aries completed a heel turn by bashing Tyler Black in the head with a steel chair. This was the first step to transform Austin Aries to...



Aries changed everything about himself in '09.

- He got into feather boas, novelty size sunglasses and hipster moustaches.

- For much of 2009 he swapped his balls out lightning fast offence for Macho-like axe-handles, back rakes (and CHEST rakes), and FACE MANIPULATION.

- He became the first ever two-time Ring of Honor World Champion.

- He aligned with Rhett Titus and Kenny King, because every heel champion worth his salt needs cronies to hide behind.

- He pissed fans off by "demeaning" the Title picture with his "A Double L Double" Lucky Lottery, and by ducking matches with worthy contenders.

- He then evolved further by successfully defending his title in a series of ridiculously entertaining and athletic matches, thus putting his "cowardly" A Double persona in his back pocket for the past few months.

- And now he has a chance to close out 2009, and enter 2010, as ROH World Champion, when he defends against Tyler Black at Final Battle 2009 in a match that's been in the making for an entire year.

2009: Austin Aries to Austin Asshole

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