Monday, December 7, 2009

RAW PREVIEW 12/07/09

I'll be missing RAW tonight, so I suspect it to be awesome, as that is the running trend.


All I ask, WWE, is one thing. Please don't debut Bryan Danielson tonight. Please?

Mark Cuban may be the owner of HDNet, which air ROH's weekly show, but I can't see that being enough of a reason to debut Danielson. I just have the fear of God in me since I'll be missing the show tonight and I'm thinking irrationally.

The Main Event is Chris Jericho taking on DX in a handicap match, which will most likely be entertaining, and hopefully keep the steam that this feud has going (for me at least). Nothing else has been announced, although there is always the looming dark cloud that is "Little People's Court," which could strike at any horrifying minute.

Tonight would be a good time, once again, because I'll be missing it.

And when I say "missing it" I mean watching the replay when I get home. Because I've been hypnotized by WWE since birth.

- mitts

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