Sunday, December 20, 2009


I'll let the hoards of whiners whine about the production/booking/whatever else they can whine about (they are whiners), and I'll just list my favourite moments from what was a crazy entertaining show that I ended up paying only five bucks for, since I split it with two pals (pals > whiners).

- Hearing Dave Prazak accidentally spoil Sweeney's return when the GFL stream went up early - I marked the fuck out then, AND when he came out.
- The spots in the opening fourway (Omega's Kota Ibushi-style moonsault to the floor, Claudio's UFO on Titus, and the match-ending gravity-defying deadlift German Suplex)
- Bison Smith hurling a returning Pelle Primeau to the outside, chest-first
- ALL of Hero/Kingston, including the sickest looking head-first bump (through a goddamned crowd barrier) I've ever seen.
- ALL of the Bucks/Steenerico match, including the Godfather (movie, not wrestler)-like Superkicks of death to Kevin Steen
- Kevin Steen making me cry
- I should clarify that. His retirement speech had me nearly in tears (I can admit it I am A MAN) and then I'm pretty sure I screamed bloody murder when he nutted Generico. More importantly, their hug was the realest thing I ever did see, and this heel turn (FULL BLOWN, he went crazy and gay and evil all at the SAME TIME. Almost positive he licked fans who gave him the finger, on their fingers), -- was the best heel turn I've ever seen.
- Roddy essentially throwing Kenny King up in the air and having him land on himself, squishing his head. Yikes.
- AAA match was fun, really too bad the tag match couldn't happen, woulda torn the roof off the place.
- Surprise Teddy Hart/Jack Evans spotfest, which is what they would've done in a match anyway, so it works even better having them just put on a show - some mind blowing shit here.
- Briscoes winning the Tag Titles - did not expect this, but it was a great match - and the Kings of Wrestling reuniting was fucking crazy. 2010 will be awesome.
- Main Event was GREAT, I think it was better appreciated on the stream than in attendance, at least from what I read. Aries' played me like a fiddle. I was %100 positive his shoulder was fucked and the match had to end. I am a mark.

I will order any iPPV they put on. Even though there were some technical issues, I felt they were forgivable and understandable for the most part. Should make the next one (if there is one) that much better.

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