Monday, July 26, 2010


This show was all about SummerSlam and whether or not Cena's unlikely Avengers can co-exist and whether or not John Morrison and R-Truth's relationship will overcome these troubled times.

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- John Cena screaming "DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM SAYING TO YOU RIGHT NOW" into Chris Jericho's face was both scary and awesome.

- Randy Orton killed it once again tonight. After a Flawless Victory over Jey Uso, Orton delivered a hilarious bitch-slap/RKO combo to the Miz, followed by a taunt that I thought was just an internet joke (STUPID STUPID STUPID) followed by almost saying MOTHERFUCKER on PG TV.

- Michael Cole has received another manager. Botchamania has received more content.

- I hope Ranjin Singh turns on Khali again next week, then appears weeks later at his side with no explanation. Actually, I don't give a shit, because Ranjin Singh could never truly turn anyone on with those sideburns. LOL?!?!s.d,x

- Is Heath Slater just straight-up stealing Ziggler's finish? First they ban his gloves and now they're letting any old ginger do his move? Dolph Ziggler is getting SCREWED.

- Definitely saw that Nexus clean sweep coming, but that's not a bad thing. All just smart build for the PPV. Less obvious smart build for the PPV: notice how the Nexus were in the corner that faces the camera? Normally that's reserved for the babyfaces in tag matches so they get more face time. But since the Nexus are relatively new to WWE TV and will be on PPV in a few weeks, they get the extra face time.

- I sincerely hope and pray that Bret Hart's last moment in a WWE ring isn't being pinned by Darren Young. If that happens, I bet that in the future if you ask someone "what best sums up the WWE's PG era?" that person will respond by showing you a picture of stupid crappy Darren Young pinning my goddamn hero Bret Hart.

- I love this power that Miz has over Sheamus with his looming idle threats of "Are you kidding me?! Should I cash in right now?!" I hope this dynamic continues and doesn't just end with Miz being the first MITB cash-in failure.

- Jericho playing up the babyface spots in the tag match (top rope dropkicks, that big "C'MON"s to the crowd) was cool to see. At first it felt totally weird after seeing him as a heel for so long. But then it just felt cool. Kinda like when Davey Richards would get fired up in a match where he's still generally a heel.

- No one is more excited for a hot tag than John Cena. Not even the chubby jiggling sweaty kids in the crowd.

- And, as evidenced by his reaction, no one is more scared of Edge's spear than John Cena.

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