Tuesday, July 27, 2010


If you read my RAW review, you know of my "Dolph Ziggler is getting screwed" theory. Here's what I wrote, if you missed it:

- Is Heath Slater just straight-up stealing Ziggler's finish? First they ban his gloves and now they're letting any old ginger do his move? Dolph Ziggler is getting SCREWED.

At first it was just a loose theory. But then I saw THIS:

- Two WWE Superstars celebrate birthdays today as Triple H turns 41 years old while Dolph Ziggler hits 30.

HE SHARES A BIRTHDAY WITH THE DESTROYER. Of COURSE he's getting screwed! Imagine being the lone guy that shares a birthday with Triple H. Your party would be most definitely crashed. NO ONE TAKES A BIRTHDAY AWAY FROM THE GAME!

Seriously, I imagine all the cool people went to Dolph's party and Triple H got mad and banned gloves and told Heath Slater to do the Zig Zag. Next he'll Pedigree a jar of hair gel.

Don't worry Dolph, I'm looking out for you. HHHappy Birthday.

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  1. I like Dolph a lot--have seen him live at two house shows and he impresses the hell out of me--but the poor guy just can't seem to catch a break, all the way back to his endless 'almost' wins for the IC belt last summer. Now I'll be imagining Triple H leaping out of his birthday cake with a hammer, or something.