Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Every week I, along with several other wrestling blogs (including my bro-sario dawson, TH of The Wrestling Blog), will be sending in my top ten wrestlers to WrestleSpective. My votes are compiled with those of the other bloggers' and that gives us the Power Poll. Here's this week's rankings (go to WrestleSpective to view the full write-up, and check out all of the other awesome wrestling content there - you'll find it especially awesome if you're a stat-geek like me):

1. Kane (NR)
2. Sheamus (4)
3. The Miz (6)
4. Randy Orton (2)
5. Rob Van Dam (1)
6. John Cena (5)
7. Wade Barrett (9)
8. Rey Mysterio (10)
9. Kurt Angle (8)
10. Chris Jericho (NR)

And, to compare, here's who I voted for and why (in kayfabe and out):

1. Randy Orton
- IN KAYFABE: Def. Jericho and Edge to earn a shot at Sheamus' WWE Title at SummerSlam, was essentially the runner-up to the RAW MITB.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Unites children and smart mark dinks across the world - nay - UNIVERSE, moves like Michael Jackson when he's fired up.

2. The Miz
- IN KAYFABE: Won the RAW MITB, dressed down the WWE Champion without blinking.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Cut three promos on two shows with more conviction than Daniel Day Lewis.

3. Kane
- IN KAYFABE: Beat the shit out of a man's FATHER, won the SD! MITB, cashed-in that night to become the World Champion.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Didn't cry this week!

4. Sheamus
- IN KAYFABE: Retained his WWE Title, def. Evan Bourne.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Sold the SHIT out of the suitcase-aided Skull-Crushing Finale, yelled at girls.

5. Evan Bourne
- IN KAYFABE: Losing effort in the RAW MITB, def. by Sheamus.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Lit up the MITB match with a flash-SSP to Randy Orton, is still one of the most exciting wrestlers anywhere right now - his style sets up apart from anyone in the WWE.

6. Rey Mysterio
- IN KAYFABE: Saved Kane from Swagger's ankle lock, def. Swagger to retain the WHC, def. by Kane when he cashed in his MITB contract.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Put on the best match of the Money In The Bank PPV with Swagger, touches heads with children and it is adorable.

7. Jack Swagger
- IN KAYFABE: Turned his back on his DADDY, def. by Rey Mysterio.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Put on the best match of the Money In The Bank PPV with Mysterio, still manages to bleed from the mouth in every match he's in from biting down on that Cable Guy (dated reference?) lisp-inducing tongue of his.

8. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes

9. Chris Jericho
- IN KAYFABE: Lost at MITB, Lost on RAW, joined Team Cena to fight Skrulls! I mean Nexus.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Bickered with Edge like he forgot to pick up milk on his way home, is still the best in the world at what he does (hilarious cowardly gloating).

10. Vegetative Undertaker
- IN KAYFABE: Remained a vegetable.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Motivated his baby bro to a World Title! That's what brothers of destruction are for.

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