Monday, January 17, 2011


Today, Joey Styles tweeted that for the first time ever the Royal Rumble match would be open to 40 competitors, instead of the traditional 30. I thought this was Joey Styles trying to get a rise out of the fans, up until it was officially announced on

So with ten extra guys entering the Rumble this year, a lot of people are speculating who will be returning, debuting or making surprise appearances. However, while I do believe there could be a handful of surprises, people shouldn't be expecting any more than usual. Here's a list of the currently active male wrestlers on the WWE roster:

1. CM Punk
2. Daniel Bryan
3. Darren Young
4. David Hart Smith
5. David Otunga
6. Heath Slater
7. Husky Harris
8. Jey Uso
9. Jimmy Uso
10. John Cena
11. John Morrison
12. Justin Gabriel
13. Mark Henry
14. Michael McGillicutty
15. Primo
16. R-Truth
17. Santino Marella
18. Sheamus
19. Ted DiBiase
20. Tyson Kidd
21. Vladimir Kozlov
22. William Regal
23. Yoshi Tatsu
24. Zack Ryder

25. Alberto Del Rio
26. Big Show
27. Chavo Guerrero
28. Chris Masters
29. Cody Rhodes
30. Curt Hawkins
31. Drew McIntyre
32. Ezekiel Jackson
33. Jack Swagger
34. JTG
35. Kane
36. Kofi Kingston
37. Rey Mysterio
38. Trent Barreta
39. Tyler Reks
40. Wade Barrett

So if you don't count the NXT Rookies (which you shouldn't, since getting a spot in the Rumble would be a much greater prize than getting a shot at the Tag Titles), everyone who is injured or taking time off, and the four men competing in the World Title matches, you have every one of the forty available spots filled in the Rumble.

Now surely not every one of these guys is going to be in the Royal Rumble. I couldn't imagine that they would extend the number of entrants just so we could see Darren Young and JTG get awkwardly clotheslined over the top rope by a returning Great Khali.

Speaking of Big Great Collie, why don't we take a look at who else could make an appearance:

Evan Bourne - Recovering from shoulder surgery
Two days ago, Bourne tweeted that he's still unable to get in the ring. He'd be an awesome surprise, but we might have to wait until closer to WrestleMania to see Airbourne again.

Goldust - Torn rotator cuff
Last word was that Goldie would be out for at least three months, and he was sidelined in December.

Michael Tarver - Wrestling at FCW
Tarver appears to be nearly fully healed from his groin injury and is working at Florida Championship Wrestling in preparation for his return.

Skip Sheffield - Fractured ankle
Skip is still a few months away from a full recovery, as he was given an approximate six month return date in August.

The Great Khali - 1st Runner-Up on Bigg Boss!
What!? He didn't win?! He should've nailed that girl with a big chop to the head. Well, with Khali now done with the Indian Big Brother (which looks about a billion times more epic than the American version), he could most certainly be making an appearance at the Rumble this year.

Triple H - Career ended by Sheamus' BARR HAAAANDS Currently taking over the friggin' company
Hunter seems like a pretty obvious go-to surprise for the 40-man Royal Rumble. He's got a score to settle with Sheamus, and at least one more WrestleMania match before he starts removing the Vincent K. McMahon nameplate from his office door.

Christian - Torn pectoral muscle
Hopefully he's all healed up so he can win this thing. Or just face Edge at some point. Please guys. PLEASE.

Finlay - Old
And working as an agent mostly right now.

Joey Mercury - Recovering from pectoral surgery, working as a trainer at FCW
Don't hold your breath for Mercury.

The Undertaker - Dead
He was murdered by Kane so he won't be in the Rumble.

Speculation is just that - speculation. And, if you remember John Cena and Edge, you know that WWE superstars can have freakish recovery times. So maybe the Undertaker could recover from death and return at the Royal Rumble, I DON'T KNOW.

Those are the guys we know about. What about the ones who you may not be expecting?

Jerry Lawler
He's been wrestling a heck of a lot on RAW lately, and maybe a Rumble appearance could continue his involvement in the ring... and maybe even be the next step in getting him that ever elusive WrestleMania match?

I hope they don't do this to us. If they do, I hope he gets a Grizzly Redwood like elimination.

Beth Phoenix
Last year Beth Phoenix became the first woman to eliminate a competitor in the Royal Rumble match. This year, she probably won't be in it. But...

Awesome Kong
She was just signed - could Awesome Kong make a crazy-ass debut in the 39-man 1-woman Rumble?! Probably not. But a boy can dream.

Booker T, Sting, Goldberg, your favourite WCW wrestler...
I think everyone expects/hopes for some kind of big return here, given the impending announcements for the 2011 HOF in Atlanta. I don't see it, but I've been wrong before (always).

The Miz has gotta face someone at WrestleMania, right?!

So who is your extra ten? Who are your surprise non-WWE-employed entrants? Who doesn't make the cut who is on the roster? Make your picks in the comment section below.

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