Monday, January 24, 2011


First, it was themed PPVs. Now, it's themed RAWs.

Some of you may just want to see Old School RAW over and over again, but not me - oh no. I want more from my themed RAW shows. I want an all denim RAW. No dad, I'm not gay.

We all know that two of the biggest stars in the history of wrestling were big on the denim, those of course being Steve Austin and John Cena (who's affinity for denim is unparalleled seeing as he only has one outfit for everything he does). But this themed RAW would see the return of all your favourite denim-clad Superstars. And it would have to be three hours to fit in all of the leather fanny packs that accompany the denim.

This post was supposed to culminate in a picture of the British Bulldog in jeans, jean shirt and leather fanny pack, but no picture seems to exist. I think my memory of this video tricked me into thinking there was a photo somewhere, but there isn't, and that's... BIZARRE!

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